Getting to Know Ms. Vera Mae

Even though she never asked if it was ok (which it wasn’t), Ms. Vera Mae turned ONE MONTH old last week. Not cool. That went way too fast. But either way, we’ve learned some things and had some milestones already with the little lady.

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She’s a tricky little bugger. I feel like no two days are the same with her. One day she doesn’t nap at all. Another day she cries forever. Another day she takes wonderful naps and she’s super happy. What the?

Her hair is cray-to-the-zay. Crazy.

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She smiles HUGE smiles.

And she has dimples. Ohmyword!

She loves to be carried and worn.

We learned there’s a beer named Vera Mae. So that’s good to know I guess.


  1. How did that happen?? I cannot tell you how badly I want to snug her! She is absolutely adorable! And growing too fast- I better get that cute outfit in the mail before she grows out of it!!!

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