There Is Always Something….

Most of you know this was not my best year.  Its one of those seasons.  I’m ready for a new one.  But the thing is, there’s things in seasons even such as this where there are still things to be grateful for.  Just like they say: there is always always something to be thankful for.  There really is. 

 So my Thanksgiving message to you today is this; even if you’re in a season, like me, look around you.  Are you healthy? Are you feasting tomorrow with relatives? close friends? your precious babes? Do you have a favorite tea cup?

ya, the grammar here is killing me.

Do you have a sweet dog curled up on your feet? Are your toe nails just the perfect fall shade? Did you see the fresh garlands are out at the grocery store? Are you reading a great book? Do you feel like its the perfect weather day? Do you have a wonderful friend? Did you get a package of the best cocoa ever in the mail? Do you have a new sweater?  Is your house warm? Is your bathtub hot?  Are you planning a fantastic feast? Does your house smell like heaven?

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Is the wind howling outside while you’re snuggly inside?  Did you see a pretty picture of yourself when you felt that could never happen? Did you fit into old jeans today? Is your kitchen clean? Is your laundry done? Did your bestie text today? Did you have a fond memory pop into mind?

My friends, there is always something.  Be it small, or be it big.  We are blessed.  We should be grateful….grateful in the good times…grateful in the bad.  Be grateful.

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  1. All of those small things that make up our day are wonderful reminders of being grateful….

    Have a divine and happy Thanksgiving my friend…

    Melissa x

  2. Truth! Our church is doing a series on Gratitude right now mirroring exactly what you are stating; there is always something to be thankful for. Small things. Big things. Everyday.
    May you and your Sweets have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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