Vera’s Weekend & She’s 7 Months Old

That Vera, she’s a mover and a shaker.  She’s forever doing something new, awing us all with her changes and discoveries.  There is no lack of love in this house for this girl.  This weekend for example:
The time when Jack rocked her to sleep and he was beside himself with joy.  The little sister he prayed for and finally got, he rocked her to sleep all by himself for the very first time; swayed back and forth till she couldn’t hang on any longer.  Even though his arms were shaking they were so tired, he didn’t care and wouldn’t set her down till he was sure she was out.  And when he was, he laid her down, covered her snuggly, tiptoed out the door and nearly did flips around the living room he was so proud.
No lack of love, folks.
I love parades.  Especially holiday sorts of parades.  Sister experienced her first one on Saturday.  We snuggled her with blankets when we realized she didn’t have a proper coat. #badparents  We caught candy, clapped, and whistled.  Then promptly went to Old Navy for a new snuggly coat.
I don’t think she ever got too cold though.

We put her in a diaper box.  When you have babies, you just do things like that.  You put them in ridiculous outfits, you put hats on them, and you put them in things…like boxes.  I have to say, she fit this box perfectly and loved sitting in there, being pushed around.  She’s kinda wild like that.  Her hand slaps against the side and little quick kicks were her seal of box approval.  It was fun.  She is fun.

She also turned seven months this weekend.  She’s eating like a trooper and getting up on her knees like she thinks she can crawl or something.  I’m telling her no.

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  1. Jack rocking her to sleep made me a mommy-puddle-on-the-floor sappy. Goodness gracious what a good little man you are growing there. That little lady's smile is a sweet one.

    Kids and boxes – its all they need.

  2. I used to surround m with stuffed animals and put a million little barretts in her hair. Then take pictures. I was like a little girl with a dolly:-) Can't wait to squeeze her. She's changed so much.

  3. There is NOTHING like the love of siblings to make a mama feel like all of it's good…no better than that perfect!!
    All the late, long nights and all that stems from this…it's all worth it when you see your Jack rock your Vera to sleep…

    M xx

  4. Oh, love this so much! All the precious memories and the fact that you take the time to document it is priceless! When you look back, or when they look back on these photos, this is what they will remember most … the love.

  5. Tears! I've got tears!
    Your kiddoes are absolutely precious!
    And please tell Miss Vera that she needs to slow down on this whole growing thing until I can snug her.

  6. always love reading about how your kids love one another.

    that vera is growing so fast….bet you can't imagine how you lived without her.

    becky mentioned that she's coming your way for thanksgiving…2nd annual. 🙂 y'all have fun!!!

    and….i'm so excited about your series. i only know a couple of them, so this should be fun meeting all new people.

  7. Awww, I love that picture of Jack. He is such a sweet big brother– you can just see how big of a heart he has 🙂 And that picture of you and her is SO CUTE! I just love her little expressions. Can't believe she is 7 months already.

  8. the part about Jack just makes me all teary.
    what a testament to God's amazing grace in first, giving Him a precious sister, and then allowing him to rock her to sleep like that.

    hope you week is great sweetie!

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