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I so hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day! And I hope you’re ready to get your Christmas on! I’m a traditionalist.  I like to save Christmas for after Thanksgiving.  So in keeping with my traditionalist beliefs, we’re starting our Christmas series today! You are all in for some creative treats over the next few weeks.  I cannot wait for you to see it all.  Before we get started with the projects though, I wanted to talk up my friends.

I picked nine of my favorite creative bloggers to help me with this series.  They are all unique and have very different styles.  Some are new friends and some are old friends.  Some like old things and some have modern styles.  They live all over, from the mountains to Australia to Europe.  But as different as they are, they are all amazing.

Here’s a little bit about each of my friends:

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Molly blogs at The Poor Sophisticate.  She’s a California girl living in Europe in the coolest places you’ve ever seen.  Her home right now is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve seen.  She has an amazing eye for using old things and making them look perfect in her home.  I just recently found Molly and her blog space and I’m totally sucked in.  You will be to if you’re not already.

Amy blogs at Little For  Little While.  She had a baby just shortly before I had Ms. Vera so we really bonded over our pregnancies.  She is the best little mama and she loves to create.  She has given me the sweetest little girl hair accessories and baby bibs.  She pays attention to the details and has a heart of gold. 

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Kirstin of KoJo Designs is a pro-creator in my books.  She can make anything, sew anything, and throw a bash that would knock your socks off.  She and I go way back.  We’ve been blog friends for years.  I’ve guest posted on her blog a few times and now I can finally have her over to mine.  She’s one of those friends that inspires and encourages and I love her for that.  If you’re looking for more Christmas ideas or party ideas, KoJo Designs is where to go.

Mary Krause.  Oh how I love Ms. Mary.  She blogs over at Finding Healthy Hope.  Her and I have been blog friends for quite a while too.  I just love her style and she also loves to create.  She uses a lot of greens and natural elements in her decorating, which is right up my alley.  She has a beautiful simplistic anesthetic and can repurpose the not-so-pretty into something gorgeous.

Kelly blogs over at The Pretty Bee, which is all about her sweet life as a mommy, gluten free and vegan recipes, great tutorials, and so much more.  She is also doing a series this month on gluten free Christmas cookies, so you might want to check that out too! Kelly and I have been reading each others blogs for a long time, and even though we’ve never met, her sweet words always bless and she’s the kind of girl you just know you’d be drinking coffee with every morning if you were neighbors.  She’s a doll and you’ll love her too.

Melissa blogs over at Ms. Sew & So.  I started reading her blog quite a while ago and began living vicariously through her when she was living in England with her sweet family.  They have since returned to their home in Australia.  Besides her amazing international living, the thing that sucked me into her blog was her style.  She uses a lot of white and natural elements.  Everything she does looks so beautiful and clean.  She has been doing a series of her own Christmas creations over at her blog, so make sure you go read that and prepare to be inspired.  I can’t wait for you to see her gift. 

Oh Ms. Amy Giffin, of Blissful Blooms. She is a blog friend that flew across the country to meet me.  Yep, she’s that cool.  We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for a long time.  Amy blogs about her sweet four little girls and all the fun projects she does to make memories with them.  She also writes about her home and eclectic style.  Amy is the best junk collector I’ve ever seen and she sells her finds in a great shop in Montana.  After you read her blog you’re going to hop in your car and visit her shop.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.  Amy is awesome.

Stephanie May of MayDae blog is a relatively new friend.  We met through friends and I am so glad I found her!  I started following her when I saw that she was taking a food challenge that I also did this summer.  She writes about her life as a Paleo-eater, her amazing Etsy shops, and her home, recipes, and fantastic parties.  I love Stephanie because her style is so different and unique.  She has a great eye for using thrift store finds in her home and not to mention a beautiful eye for photography.  I am so happy I found Stephanie.  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  Go check her out.

Annalea Hart blogs at Hope & Honey blog.  I have known Annalea for a long time.  She move across the country from Illinois to New Mexico about the same time I moved, so our lives seem paralleled somehow by that.  People have mistaken us for the same person before, which is beyond a complement to me! Must be the whole brunette with the bangs thing.  Annalea writes about her children, her home, and her heart.  She had a beautiful way with words not to mention a beautiful style.  She has totally embraces the Southwestern vibe in her new home and I love it.  If you’ve never read her blog, you’re going to want to get on that.

Thank you so much for letting me introduce you to my awesomely creative friends.  They are so sweet to participate in my Handmade Giving series and I know you’ll love what they have to share.  Come back tomorrow for our first project!


  1. Awwwwww! Your sweet words totally made my day! Thank you so so much – I'm really excited to be a part of this series and to get to know you and all of these ladies a little better:) <3

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