The Week I Googled “Low Carb Cocktails”

This baby-rearing stuff is no joke. No joke whatsoever. Not only are you sleep deprived and can only wear pants with elastic waistbands, but life still must go on as normal as if you’re not walking around like a zombie in stretchy pants. We’ve had some moments here since baby arrived. Those kind of moments. You know, the ones where there seems to be stuff on every surface of everything in your house, it’s 5:38pm and there’s been no thought of dinner, you’ve been holding a fussy baby all day, and you just realized your kid has been outside for 2 hours without sunscreen on an 80* day? Last week had way too many of those moments and by Friday I was googling “low carb cocktails” so I could stick to my diet while achieving a partial escape. Ya……

I have forgotten a lot about babies in the last five years. Like the fact that there is no semblance of a schedule at all. No routine. No normalcy. I forgot all that. It takes a toll, even though I know it won’t be like this for long.

I’ve blown up at my kids and husband my fair share these past weeks. Then it starts the vicious cycle of self-doubt about my abilities, wishing I could handle life better, and bringing the full circle to a close of tears of frustration.  Yelling to tears. Full circle. Ya……..

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So when my friend, Farmgirl, was visiting recently she came up with a plan for moms. She thought she was making a joke at the time, but I’m totally stealing this idea and marketing it myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ BUT she said that we mamas always give our kids these incentive charts and goals…like if you make your bed all week you get a sticker. Well, her idea was to give OURSELVES a little sticker chart, and I think she’s brilliant. Girls, we need a sticker chart.  We list our challenges; to make dinner more often, to not yell, to practice more patience, to greet our husbands everyday with a kiss instead of a list of begrudgery. (is that even a word?!)  Well, either way…we need a chart. And when we fill up seven days or five days or whatever your own personal challenge states, then you get a prize. Yes, a prize. A new maxi skirt, a new iTunes album, a package of unnecessary Sharpies…whatever it is that floats your boat and keeps you motivated to keep on with your goal.

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So I’m setting a goal…no yelling or tears of frustration and sealing it with a smiley sticker. Because it’s all about achieving that goal of stickers and maxi skirts…and a happy family.

Who’s with me? And what’s your goal?


  1. Such a fun idea! Fill up your chart with smiles and treat yourself to something fabulous! I've learned that when I take time to treat myself every once in a while, I truly feel better about me, which in turn, helps me to be a better wife and mommy. Hang in there and cherish these "little baby" days. They do go by so fast, don't they? Praying for you a more restful and enjoyable week!

  2. I'm feeling it for sure with my 5 teens; different struggles, same frustration at myself for "losing it" yet again….
    Thinking a sticker chart for Mama is just the right solution!

  3. Oh em gee, this is brilliant! LOL! I'd totally be a happier Mama for a new maxi skirt! I so know your pain, glad to know i'm not alone. Wishing I had words to offer…but sending a hug instead ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  4. I love this idea. I'm just starting charts with my 4 year old daughter. Makes PERFECT sense for us moms, too. I've got several small goals. But a few standouts would be 1) Not saying "In a minute" several times before tending to my child's question/needs; 2) One small load of laundry a day to keep ahead; 3) yelling/loud, dramatic sighing/grunting when I'm annoyed.

  5. I am a first time Momma to twin almost ten month old boys. I got married, pregnant a couple months later and had them before my first wedding anniversary. I wouldn't trade this life for anything, but I certainly have my moments. I could have written this post! Haha. I love love this idea! Being a momma isn't for the faint of heart! Keep up the great work!

  6. What a FUN idea
    that FGP came up
    with!! Hmmm. Now
    to come up with some
    goals–and some
    rewards. This should
    be good : )

    Hang in there. As my
    mom always says about
    child-rearing, "We all do
    the best we can." And
    you know, that has to
    be enough some days,

    Here's to filling up your
    chart with smileys!

    xo Suzanne

  7. Very awesome idea. I find myself yelling and then apologizing quite often. I hate it. Sticker chart for me with goodies at then could very well push me towards a happy mama. What a fun idea! Thanks! I follow you on ig, that's how I found ya!!:)

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