Friday Favorites: Our First Week of Summer

Its Friday, so yay! I’m not all that sad to see this week go bye-bye. These days of baby-dom are not easy. I’ve forgotten so much, like the fact that there is no trace of routine at all and the fact that those darn babies will do/act/like something one day and be completely different the next. Add in our house purchase falling through due to low appraisals and uncooperative sellers and then my two favorites getting voted off The Voice, and you can about imagine I’ve cried a lot in the past 10 days. But its a new day and almost a new week and I’m vowing not to be cry-ee or crabby today….
…so lets start by highlighting my favorites….
….like crazy-haired babies and red lipstick on a Thursday. I don’t know how that helps, but somehow red lipstick just makes things better.  This was my Grandmother’s philosophy on life and I finally see what she was talking about. (she had nine kids…bet she went through a lot of red lipstick.)

Planting seeds on the balcony with my girl. I miss doing little things like this with my kids. They are adjusting so so well to Vera and I’m so proud of them, but I know Sophie was feeling that pang of attention-needing.
We snuck out to the balcony to plant some seeds, part of her May activity box we didn’t get to. With dirty fingernails she said, “I like doing this with you, Mom.” Kinda made me cry, which isn’t surprising at this current phase in my life, but still.

I finished Gatsby yesterday. I’m surprised at how sad it made me…or am I? I almost wanted to flip to the front and start it all over again because I know this is one of those books you’ll realize something more from it every time you read it. It was strange but deep and I think all the characters were taking mood-altering drugs, but I loved this book all the same. Fitzgerald is a crazy amazing writer. I’m making Jarrod read it now so we can discuss it…our very own little book club. Now I’m on to Call Me Zelda and I love it so far. You can see my full summer reading list from yesterday’s post HERE.

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 Speaking of books, have you heard of Sweet reader, Katherine, told me about it yesterday. So cool. You register and list the books you’re willing to swap and request books you’d like to read. All you pay for is the shipping, which is super cheap because you can use media mail. I haven’t registered yet, but I’m going to have to do that. Thanks Katherine!

Moving on to more Friday Favorites…

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Nature walking…sister loved it.
She asked if I’d put that dandelion in her hair. And I did.
So crazy when she just says stuff like that.

And Sophie picking dandelions in the dreamy sunset the other night.

Jack and I worked on math facts, the summer version.
Randomly scrawl out numbers on your sidewalk,
call out the problem and
have your summer school student hop to the answer.
He loved it.

Also, we made barrettes. More on this later.
I just needed so sew something.
Do you ever feel like that?? 
What are your favorite moments from the last seven days?
And what’s up for this weekend?
We’re birthday partying and I’m heading to a used curriculum sale.
Good times.


  1. It sounds like you are all adjusting nicely and that summer couldnt have come at a better time:) My favorite part of this week was yesterday; when I hiked up Stone Mountain with my boys. They are such amazing climbers!

  2. Love your red lipstick! Congrats on the end of school and routines. Enjoy your babies and slow reading days.

  3. what!! the house fell through….seriously girl, I am so sorry about all the stress you have had. I pray you will find your dream home soon! I loved the Great Gatsby, I read it years ago, but may pick it up again. Our summer break started just today and I celebrated by staying in bed until 8:30 and the kids are still watching TV. It's cold and rainy here and doesn't feel like summer even a little bit. Have a great weekend!

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