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Sissy turned the big 0-5! yesterday, which kinda makes my head want to pop off from disbelief, but our remedy to that is to just keep having more kids…so we feel better about our present baby being 5. 
 Her birthday was yesterday, but we’re celebrating today: the zoo, pounds of sugar…and gifts.
There’s one gift that I put together with the help of my mom that I want to talk about for a sec. At first, she and I were going to split a year’s subscription to BabbaCo or Kiwi Crate…both great companies, I’m sure, but expensive. And we thought maybe we could create something similar to their monthly themed craft kits…but include more projects.
I thought something like this would be a great gift for Sissy with the baby coming. She’s like my second-self and I wanted something that she could just pull off the shelf and do by herself…or with me if I’m not busy.
Mom and I decided to make six months-worth of boxes, she helped me brainstorm and halved the cost with me, and I set out to gathering all the stuff.
Each month goes something like this:

March: Butterflies

April: Birds
May: Flowers and Gardens
June: Fairies
July: Oceans
August: Honeybees
I ordered a book for each box and then found several projects to go with the theme. 
Almost all the ideas in the boxes are from my Creative Kids board on Pinterest or my Science and Nature board. I also got a TON of ideas from the blog Deep Space Sparkle…so many great ideas over there!  You can check those out, but if you want to know the exact projects I used, I might be willing to part with that info 🙂
Since I don’t know whether or not the computer will be handy during craft time, I printed off some of the directions for the harder projects and for all the projects I printed pictures of them and glued them to large index cards. So when she sits down to craft she can pick the one she wants to do. Pretty  much everything is in the box, except the basic supplies like scissors and glue and paint. She’ll have to go round up those things on her own.

She will be under strict orders to NOT open a box until the appropriate month…I’m very funny about this sort of thing.  No peeking at the sex of the baby, no peeking in your craft kit til next month! Very important rules, you see…
I’ll let YOU peek though…
…here’s her kit for May: Flowers and Gardens. She’ll be reading Jack’s Garden, making a mini greenhouse in a rotisserie box, painting pots and planting seeds, painting rocks for garden markers, and making a color wheel flower, (which she did yesterday because it was so cute I couldn’t stand waiting…she can make another one.), and painting some Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flowers.

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To add a little fun, I spray painted the lids hot pink. I’m sure it will chip off and really tick me off later, but for now it’s really cute. 

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I can’t wait to give them to her today! She loves art AND nature right now and each of these boxes will give her plenty of activities to do.
In other exciting news….
Our butterflies have begun to emerge… ON Sophie’s birthday, which I think is incredibly fitting…and awesome.
Ok, I’m off to the zoo and lots of walking around. Please pray for my ankles…and that my water doesn’t break. That would be bad…delivering a baby at the zoo.  But I guess when it’s older and acting crazy, I could say…”Were you born in a ZOO?” and it could have some really great smart remarks back.  It would be a good story…
Ok, bye.

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  1. Ok,, so you're going to post what all goes into these, right?! This is an awesome idea. I'm starting to home school this fall and would love to do something like this for some of the themes. Please do share your ideas for the boxes!

  2. these are amazing lady! i tried to do something similar for my kids and the cousins for christmas and it was a boat load of work for just one container! I'm inspired.:)

  3. wow those boxes are so cool!!My kids would love them!! I would LOVE to know what you put in them.
    I really hate birthdays because that just means they are growing up and I am getting older:( I guess that's why I had eight:)

  4. oh my gosh. you are too amazing, girl. this idea is phenomenal. i love it so much. pinning it, indeed! happiest birthday to soph!!! i like your remedy of dealing with your babies growing up. i need to remember it! : )

  5. I love this so much! Can I hire you and cancel our Kiwi Crate subscription? Seriously, was just thinking of canceling it, because while she does enjoy it, its mostly junk that just lies around a week later. And for $20 bucks a month I so think i'm going to ditch it, take your idea, and RUN!!! Happy birthday Sophia!

  6. That is seriously an awesome birthday present! I want to be invited to a birthday party soon so I can make a few for gifts! And to include a book to go along with it, genius! I am about to hop over to pinterest and follow your boards.

    I'd probably feel more comfortable giving birth at the zoo, lol. And you might get a free funnel cake out of the deal. Score!

  7. You are the coolest sweetest mom evah!! Seriously she is one blessed kiddo. Hope ya'll have fun at the zoo. Great idea to just push it to today. I was wondering… Happy BiRthdaY sweet Sophie we Love You!!

  8. Have so much fun at the zoo!!

    That gift is absolutely awesome! What a fabulous idea! My girls would LOVE it! I would be fun to make a few for the summer . . . hmmmm . . .

    Give Sophie a BIG hug from me!

  9. These are sooo neat!! My baby girl is four today! 😉 I love this idea for both of my gals…hmmm and maybe my boy when he's older! 😀 I think having your baby at the zoo would be pretty fantastic….but I'm not the one having it! 😉 lol

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