Super Moon

Did y’all remember too look at the super moon on Saturday night?

Uh ya, me neither. Totally forgot.

BUT, the whole super moon hub-bub reminded me that I forgot to tell you about our moon study we did in March. We took about two weeks and went over some main moon points. I’ll be honest, I’m not the greatest at teaching science, so when I do it has to be fun!

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Here’s some of the things we did.

Moon Phases with Oreos. So fun.

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I hung this on the wall and you can see where someone-I will not name names, but I can say it starts with an S and ends with an -ophia, got very hungry? And um…ate the full moon. Wow. Just wow.
We also made moon finders with a paper plate and a Popsicle stick. Super easy. We used them a lot to figure out what moon was what. I love hearing my 6-year-old using words like “waning gibbous.” It’s just cute…hey, we homeschool. We think things like that are cute.

We also made these folder books out of a file folder. I found the idea on pinterest…all of these ideas for that matter. Here’s a link to my homeschool board.  It’s all folded and painted and prettied and holds all the things we made.



Here’s a look inside one…

So there you have it…our little moon study.
It’s the last week of school. We’re winding down for sure. Doing our final tests and reports, squaring away the papers and clutter. I’m starting to plan for next year already, dog-earring pages in catalogs. This is usually the time of year people start thinking that they might homeschool next fall. Last spring I wrote a series on homeschooling. You can find the links below.

{Getting Started}
{Staying Sane}
{Why We Do It}
Have a great Monday!! OH! And don’t forget to sign up for my little giveaway that’s closing on Wednesday. And don’t forget your loud and proud color this week too 🙂


  1. Further confirming yourself in my mind as a most amazing homeschooling lady. I LOve this idea! Pinning right now. 🙂

  2. I SO wanted to see the moon on Saturday- but it was cloudy. Oh well.

    Your moon unit looks like tons of fun! The girls are taking astronomy next year- I'll just have to remember all your fun projects- especially the Oreo one- YUM!

    Happy last week of school!

  3. i love all of your moon projects…so very fun!
    and that sophia made me giggle this morning with that full moon!
    who could resist?
    have a great week!

  4. Oh that onry little Sophia! B might have done the same thing though. He loves an Orea cookie. We knew about the super moon. Too dang overcast to see it. Bummer!

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