Summer School Tuesday: Bug Catcher

Good morning, chickies (i’m assuming)!!
Carrying on with my Summer School Tuesdays, I wanted to share a project we did about a week and a half ago….bug catchers that you wear. Ya, that’s right.
I saw this project in Family Fun magazine. You take one of those tiny containers you get in those junk machines at the grocer’s, dump out the junk inside, punch holes in the top for your little buggies, and string a piece of yarn or string through some bigger holes. Then string on some beads for the sake of prettiness and there you go…bug catchers at your fingertips.
I’m proud to say that yes, there were ants in their bug catcher necklaces about ten minutes later. And yes, they went to Target with us. And yes, Jack got too curious and accidentally opened his and his ants are now wreaking havoc in Target.
Saw that one comin’.
Also? My kids are so predicable. If I did not do this craft with them, but I saw their projects lined up I’d know exactly whose was whose…like right away.

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To each his own bug catcher. 
Sophie and I are enjoying some girl time while the boys are at day camp this week in the mountains. Today I think we shall do a project and/or go to Sam’s…oh the anticipation!! Enjoying this laid back week…finally!

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  1. i love that your sophie has her dress on backwards…my sophie can't ever manage to get it on the right way. thanks for the fun idea. 🙂

  2. did they really wear ants around their necks? i'd be scared silly they'd all get out and crawl all over me!!!

    but, i agree with glenda–you are such a fun mom!!

  3. This is such a cute craft project! It's so fun seeing the different personalities of kids come out through the arts. 🙂 Have a blast this week.

  4. Too funny. I'm with Sophia….let's be craft rebels. No need to be perfect. You are so fun. Love how you always have a plan to keep your kiddos entertained. They're pretty lucky to have you.

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