Rewrite the Calendar

I decided something this weekend as we waved goodbye to our Thanksgiving guests, closed the door and the brooms, mops, and tinsel started flying…there needs to be more time between these holidays, people.  There just does.  I know I’m not alone.  Do you think if we write a letter to someone at Hallmark, they’ll make Thanksgiving like the second Thursday in November? 
I won’t hold my breath for that little switcheroo, but here’s to hoping.  So our Thanksgiving…it was so good.  I have made the turkey many times now and I always think that this year its the best one ever!! I should have stopped at the turkey, because besides him, I had enough carbs to kill a small animal.  But that’s the point, right? Or at least one of the points?? 🙂
We let the kids craft and play Wii and dream up their own crazy games.  We shopped on Thanksgiving night, which was fun/scary/a saver’s dream/intense/funny, and we got most of our Christmas shopping done.  This year we’re going simple like we did last year.  Each kid will have about 4 gifts to open and then Santa will bring them some things from their wishlists (which is totally debatable, because some things are just dumb…a baby that poops? Dude, we already have that.)  We went junking a little and ate out at some great places.
To me, time is crazy.  Like how is it possible that we’ve spent three years in a row with the Stahle’s for Thanksgiving?? How? Its so fast! (back to my whole calendar idea…I think it would help things not seem so speedy, right?!) We love seeing family-friends on this holiday and it’s become such a fun tradition.  

Jarrod took Monday off from work and we used Sunday and Monday to decorate and get our tree.  The kids have a tree with all their fun ornaments and we have a skinny little tree in the living room.  I put out a couple other things, but that’s about it.  The kids love to look in the Christmas totes and remember things…their stockings are there, special ornaments, the little stacking Santas.  Its December 4th and I don’t have my normal Advent activities organized or my Jesse Tree out.  Really, does it matter? I think we make things harder than they have to be sometimes…but I’ll save that for another post. 
How is your December so far?
Is your tree up?
Are you still feeling the carbs of Thanksgiving?
Just me?
Too many questions?

Ok, see you tomorrow with another post for our Handmade Giving series.

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  1. you totally have a baby that poops.
    hilarious. DYING.

    love your thanksgiving pics with becky and her family….can't believe it's been 3 years of that tradition either….like for real….that went by FAST.

    andy and i have been talking a lot about how fast time is going by…it's not just thanksgiving and november…it's every day of every week of every year. our oldest starts high school next year. HIGH SCHOOL. how can i have a child that old? I thought I was still 28.

    wishing it would all just slooooooow down.

  2. I'm with you on the rewriting the holidays! Busy-ness can certainly take over! Looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving; loved the pics!
    New Mantra: Simple. Simple. Simple.

  3. oh hey, i think i love you.
    no advent yet, no freaking out.
    i just told nathan last night that i felt guilty about it and he was like, "huh? WHY?"
    so i'm going with that.
    i am my WORST enemy and it has to stop!

    also, a baby that poops.



  4. this year we have no decor (except for an advent calendar and our ridiculous elf on a shelf!) and the kids get one present. simple as ever and it takes all the pressure off! we've enjoyed our advent readings so much each night – the kids are beginning to feel that that is what christmas is – not the decor – but this longing for Christ to come. i love it!

    that pic of you and becky walking down the street is the BEST!

  5. I'm with you! I have BOXES AND BOXES of Christmas decor, and this year we kept it simple. The trees are up, with about 30% of our ornament collection, and the nativities and stockings are out, but I just can't deal with all the hoopla and clutter. I am craving a simple holiday, so we are trying to do that this year.

  6. Oh Alicia! I love you for so many reasons- today I love you for not having all your advent things together. I too have not started all the fun traditions- I'm hoping to get a jump on them today.
    LOVE all your fun pictures- ESPECIALLY Vera with the lights. She really could not be any cuter!
    Love you friend! Enjoy your day!!

  7. We are slowly getting things decorated. (We love our Jesse tree made by Robin as well!!!)I agree about Thanksgiving though. One holiday runs into another. By the way, I made the stamped ornaments with clay yesterday and they are just the cutest! Thanks for sharing that idea. 🙂

  8. We do need more time. It's too much! Just got the tree decorated last night. We let the girls do it all. 🙂 Then we pulled out the Jesse tree. Make sure to tell Robin we sure love that sweet tradition.

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