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Random but recent: Mt Rushmore September 28, 2013

I’m not sure how long things have felt a little out of balance, but I know I can’t pin this one on Vera because it was long before she came along.  I used to be an early riser.  My running partner in crime would show up at my stoop at 5:30am and we’d get a run in and I’d still have an hour before the kids would be up and school and house chores would start all over again. 

When did that end and how can I start that again? Because right now I’m stuck in this vicious cycle of going to bed too late…because I finally have 5 minutes to myself and everything is quiet and lovely…but then its hard to get up and I find myself peeling back my eyelids 15 minutes before the kids’ alarm goes off and I’ve missed my very favorite part of the day to spend by myself: early morning and getting my feet under me before kids get up.

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There’s other things out of balance too that I have not clue 1 how to fix.  Like the fact that Sophie is so horrified of mice right now she hasn’t slept in her own bed since early September.  Jack is nice about her sleeping in his bed, but I know he’s tired of it too.  But I can’t make her sleep alone in her room…she’s just too scared.  Also Vera in our room is hard too. If I turn the light on to read in my room she’ll wake up so I watch TV instead, when reading has always been the thing that makes me ready to sleep, but TV makes me more awake.  I don’t know what to do about the sleeping situation. 

I like to fix things.  Its not my nature to wallow in perpetual problems.  I just haven’t come up with a plan yet.  My first choice would be to just move.  A three-bedroom townhouse, especially one set up like ours is, is not conducive for six.  The three bedroom part is workable, but everything else does not.  But I know that moving is not an option right now. We tried that three times. But that’s an entry for another day.

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I’ll think about solutions today…

Thankful for today:
1. Sophie’s freckles
2. a townhouse that has been home for two years
3. life is seasons, nothing lasts…which is especially good news in a darker season
4. morning fog
5. losing 4 pounds this week….probably due to stress of mouse poop, but oh well
6. a list for the day to organize me
7. friends that encourage
8. Vera’s nose is finally clear
9. Noah is so helpful
10. Jack’s patience

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  1. Hmm…could you move Sophie's bed into Jack's room, and Vera into Sophie's room? Our house is small and we don't all sleep on the same level. We invested in a video monitor and that helps me to feel better about it. xo

  2. I've never been an early riser. It's something I've always admired about others. I don't have clue how people do it. Praying you refigure it out.

    And poor Sophie girl. I get it. I grew up in the country with all kinds of critters getting in over the years. That's a scary one. It is a season. And thank God it shall pass. All of it!!

  3. this is me, too.
    stuck in a vicious cycle and i need to get out of it!
    all of the things that make me feel better, i'm not doing(running, preparing healthy meals) because i'm so overwhelmed with school right now.
    and i'm so tired!!!
    must stop the cycle!
    love you.

  4. Can I just say that this post is especially REFRESHING? 🙂

    I really like the lists you're including at the end of every post too.

  5. Aw! Sending you hopeful thoughts for a new routine that gives everyone the sleep they need.

    As for reading, would a kindle or ipad wake her. You can set the light pretty low and it wouldn't be as bright as a tv even. That is how I read when my husband is falling asleep.

  6. I'm sorry you are going through all of this and hope writing about it helps. I've been staying up way too late also and then have no energy during the day. And also bad allergies on top of it all.

    Have you thought about moving Vera into Sophia's room? If she is ready to move out that is. That way you can read at night and not worry about waking the baby. Also, maybe Sophia would sleep ok in her room knowing that someone, even if it is her baby sister, is in there with her. Just a thought. I know it is probably more complicated than that.

    Praying for a mouse poop free Friday for you!

  7. Oh Lisha Loo, I too have been struggling with the same thing. It's that blasted TV! But that uninterrupted time without kids asking for water, or math help, or a bum wipe . . . it's so needed!
    I just laughed remembering your alarm to turn lights out- I think I need to try that. Love you friend! Hope you have a FABULOUS, mouse poop free, FRIDAY!!

  8. You will find your way!!! It is sooo, sooo difficult when that morning time doesn't happen. I have made a habit of late nights (late, for me, anyway) the past few weeks and it is beginning to catch up with me. It seems like at 7:30 I am feeling sleepy, and then at 9, I get a second wind and am up until 11! So frustrating.

    Praying for rest for you and stillness in the mornings for the Lord. 🙂

  9. I too have fallen out of a good morning routine. I feel like I have been getting up later than I like and staying up way too late, for the same reasons you do. I also have a little friend that comes in my bed in the night, making for a less then ideal sleeping situation.

    When I don't get my me time in the morning, I have found I have a chip on my shoulder all day. With homeschooling I feel like our kids are up later and I NEVER get a moment to breathe. I have no "me" time at all and I am trying to figure out a solution as well.

    Would Sophie be happy sleeping on a cot or putting her mattress on the floor in Jacks room? So she would at least be with someone, but not in the same bed?

    I must say, it is such a treat seeing a blog post from one of my fave bloggers each morning when I have my computer time, however I wish I could offer more tangible help, than just words on a page.

    Hang in there mama!

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