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Today I went to the mall.  Some days the mall makes me feel like becoming a hermit, but today it helped. Things aren’t exactly going my way right now-but I refuse to let it sink me.  Do you hear me, mice?  I refuse.
Thankful for today:
1. the mall
2. sales
3. the new best smelling candle ever–Autumn Day (Bath and Body Works)
4. friends for lunch
5. packing for trips
6. hand-me-downs from Kelle Hampton…seriously
7. hand-me-down Pedipeds….seriously again
8. the funest box of fall goodies from my sweet sweet friend
9. Sleepy Time tea
10. the Terminix guy

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  1. I went to the mall on Saturday. I haven't been to the mall on Saturday in YEARS. Add to that our water heater and been working for a few days so my hair was pulled back into a curly ponytale (I did add a deep side part to dress it up andmake me feel a little bit better)….Any way, I had a good time, but it did NOT feel like it used to. At one point, I was the one sitting on the bench outside of the store! I didn't think that would EVER happen!

  2. last night at about 10:30 p.m., the Lord brought you to mind, a lot.

    so i prayed.
    i hope everything was/is okay.

    love you.

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