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There always seems to be a list of things on my mind–to do’s or coming up’s or just plain stuff that needs some mental hashing over.  Right now seems to be an especially long list of things.

-a Halloween party taking place in my garage tomorrow. Thankfully I’m doing it with my neighbor friend.  And thankfully we decorated and set up yesterday…huge check mark.  But what else do I have to do? Did I make a list already? Do I need to go to the store again?

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-Go to the storage unit to get table for the party

-Jack: check up tomorrow

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-Plan unit studies coming up

-Make dentist appointments

-Why is our house so cold even with the heat on?? Check the vents downstairs to make sure they’re open!

This would be so much more fun if I had a home

-Crap! I forgot about Vera’s Halloween costume

-Why is my friend struggling so much right now after she’s already been through so much?? Why is life so hard?

-Oh my gosh, Jack is whining so much lately!!!

-I’m so exhausted

-I have to think about getting ready to leave for SD next week.

-When will things change?

-I wish I were more excited about fun things coming up.  That emotion just isn’t coming.

Sometimes it feels good to just look at it all and then close the book.  Next week I’ll open it and half of those things will be better or solved.  The other half won’t, but eventually, yes.
Thankful for today:
1. Vera laying so nice beside me
2. fast lunches
3. phone calls
4. Halloween party is SET UP! Yay!
5. chilly days
6. the hope of someday
7. my sister. I love her.
8. my mom. I love her too.
9. how Sophie helps me
10. lists that sort out my thoughts

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  1. Halloween parties are my fave ones to host – the kiddos will have such fun! This post sounds like you just dictated my brain… a constant running list.

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