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I woke up today before my alarm, not in an annoying way at like 3am, but just a comfortable 15 minutes before the bell. {thankful} The first thing I realized was Vera had not only slept silently all night, but she had fallen asleep by herself when I laid her down awake. I assumed she would cry, knowing we were right there in the bed beside her, but she didn’t-just kind of talked herself into it and drifted off. {thankful}

I was so tired yesterday after being out late, but the kids had classes so we didn’t do school at home. {thankful}  We walked outside, gathered leaves, read a book, and had an easy dinner. {thankful}

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Its been hard to take the boys popcorn selling for Scouts and they understood that this year was different with Vera.  Instead of taking them out on their last night they could sell, we had them ask some family members and we totaled their online sales.  About $350 more just like that! {thankful}

My camera’s shutter is jacked.  Like solid black frames, partially black frames.  No good.  I realized last night its still under the three year warranty we bought.  It expires this month.  I called and I’m sending it in to be either repaired or replaced for freeeee! Glory.  I’m crossing my fingers for “replaced.” {thankful}

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We’ve been reading Anne of Green Gables foreverrrrrr.  I’m selfish at nighttime.  I just want them to go to sleep so everything can be quiet.  But last night we read for a  while and they asked for more chapters.  I love when they love to read. {thankful}

I found a great food/fitness challenge to do for a month.  I’m only two days in and my muscles are already sore. {thankful}

I know with things like blogging, there’s a lot of looky loo’s.  People that don’t care, but just come to gawk.  But also, there are my friends.  They come and read and then call.  Or write notes.  And its not fake, its genuine.  And I love that. {thankful}

The leaves right now are ridiculous.  The colors are so intense.  We took some and glued them in a circle yesterday for a wreath.  It was easy and cute and fun.  We sat outside while we made them.  There were neighbor girls too.  {thankful}

Today is a nothing day.  We’ll do school and not leave till church tonight. Love that I have a life where I don’t have to get up and run everyday.  {thankful}


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  1. I've only just started reading you blog a few weeks ago, but I've been praying for you. And this post made me especially happy.

    Praying for many more days like this for you and your sweet family!

  2. Love your heart. I am so enjoying reading these daily posts. I love how honest you are. Wish I felt that open. Praying that this hard stretch will be over soon for you. Love the theme of thankfulness today. It's a key.

  3. What a wonderful post….I think if we look at our days more closely, we can seem to find more positive than negative….but we just seem to focus our energies on the negatives. I need to get back to the gratitude journal I kept many years ago (an Oprah thing).

    I remember the days of little ones….before they could read….I was so tired, and would ad lib through the book just so I could get to sleep. Once they learned to read, they were on to me…..

  4. Love this! So many good things to enjoy…The kids, the leaves, the warranty, sleep, "simple" days, neighborhood kids, family…Thanks for a reminder of all that is good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love 'Anne of Green Gables'. I just finished the entire series in a month b/c I couldn't put them down. I even broke my sworn vow of never using an ereader & read them on the iPad after the baby was asleep.
    And I love your sweet letter to Vera. I've been there too. Prayers for you Alicia!!!

  6. oh, yes.
    this is my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚
    im praying that today is super laid back, and just full of the best things for you!
    love your list of thankfuls.

  7. A wonderful list of 'thankfuls' today! Your little, sweet family SO reminds me of mine from 10 years ago. Lovely, tiring, relentlessly selfless years.
    Bless you!

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