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I woke up really early this morning full of anxiety.  Its over all things that I know will sort themselves out, but anxiety nonetheless. This isn’t the exact quote that I needed to find for today, but its Eleanor and Eleanor always comforts.
Thankful for today:
1. saving a little birdie’s life yesterday
2. a history project I thought would be a disaster that turned out awesome
3. putting a pair of shoes for Vera in my eBay cart so I could order later and getting a text two hours later from a friend asking if I wanted almost the exact same pair…she was done using them for her little girl.  craziness.
4. clean sheets
5. a day of relaxing and organizing today
6. new readers that get it
7. unexpected discounts
8. Jarrod home today
9. neighborhood football games
10. Vera’s long naps

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  1. I struggle with anxiety too. Need this every day. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known¬†…

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