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Yesterday was busy. Everyday is busy. 

Somewhere in the middle, probably the two hours I spent in the kitchen yesterday afternoon, I began to make notes to myself for next October: what I would do, things I would make.  A little bit like a fantasy, yes, but I don’t care.  I once heard a friend say, “don’t fantasize about your past or your future,” and she’s probably right.  Being present is the best place to be.  But still.  I also think there is supreme fulfillment in obtaining the balance of contentment with your present and ambition for your future.  I don’t think it means you’re never satisfied in life, I just think it means you need to enjoy where you are while you’re getting to where you’re going.

Things have been shaky, challenging, and wearing on us.  Maybe things won’t change until they really change. But either way, we’re in a really cool place, geographically speaking, right now.  So I will enjoy it while we get to where we’re going. 

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Contentment/Ambition…it’s not always perfectly in balance but its the goal.

So back to the mental notes for next October.  I don’t do so well with the mental notes these days.  There’s way too much swimming around in my head to keep anything there for long.  So I went to my planner, flipped to the last month it held, and literally wrote myself a note: Notes for next October.  Things I can’t do now or that are too difficult to do now, but that I have ambition to do next year in my favorite month of October.  I might not do everything on the list, but it gives me a goal. I thought of a few more that I need to add to the list later.

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Notes for next October:
-make a scarecrow with the kids
-be Mary Poppins for Halloween !!!!
-decorate everything
-study Native Americans
-have a harvest party in the yard
-sit by the firepit outside
-find the perfect fall chapter book and read with the kids
Thankful for today:
1. a goal: to balance contentment and ambition
2. made ahead breakfast for an easy morning
3. Jarrod’s home! (aka: no more night time routine by myself!)
4. hands-on learning
5. Sophie making big leaps last night by going downstairs alone to get a book (still won’t sleep in her own bed or go into her room alone, but this was progress. flippin’ mice.)
6. the perfect pot roast for dinner
7. cloudy fall days
8. nothing on the agenda all weekend (as in, we’re not going anywhere…I have costumes to get ready)
9. Sophie and Vera drifting off together last night
10. scoring some new (to me) kids clothes on an Instagram sale last night

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  1. I stalked your comments, and I can't believe that you and Janie are just now finding each other. She's wonderful. You will love her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love that you are making plans for next October. Boo Hiss to the people who tell us not to dream a little.
    I firmly believe we can be content and satisfied in the here and now while dreaming and making goals for the future.

    Happy Saturday. loved this post.

  2. Honey,
    I just read all your posts for the 31 days. I cannot imagine being away from family. I have lived my whole married life with mine close. Almost 32 years. All my married daughters live within 3 miles. I am so very blessed.
    I have had some trying times but family was here. I am so sorry you are away from yours.
    We had a house fire last April and had to live in a 5th wheel for 3 mos. I loved it or so I thought, but my oldest daughter said I was weird during that time.
    I love to decorate and I love my "stuff". I love Jesus too but I think he is ok with stuff making us happy as long as we know He is our true joy. I have lots of family treasures. I just was in chaos bc of all the decisions that needed made instantly. Things moved very rapidly like colors for painting…I went with off white bc all my stuff was at a restoration place. I had nothing to look at…like vintage curtains or upholstery. I am a homebody and I love taking care of my home so I so understand why you are struggling.
    All this in a comment to say…I am praying for you. I love that you are honest and I am here for you to share your heart.
    Your new fan,

  3. Don't worry…I have a 'next year' list too. I have a 7 y/o, 5 y/o and 15 month. We're in a good groove for running the household and home school but anything extra is a bit hit or miss right now. If a friend hadn't invited us over for fall crafts I wouldn't have any fall decorations out right now. Next year I will be better about decorating and preparing for seasons/holidays!!!

  4. Goals are good! I agree it is good to live in the present but there is also nothing wrong with dreaming about the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice low key weekend!

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