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Plans, in my opinion, are essential in darker, harder times.  If there’s something fun on the calendar, it gives you something tangible to look forward to.  Something more tangible than, say, a move or a less temporary home.  Those things are like pot-watching types of things to wait for.  No fun.

Yesterday was full:
Art project
Attempt at a history project
Trip to the storage unit to get the stuff to finish the history project
to 12Bones to pick up lunch for Jarrod and his employees
to Hendersonville to deliver lunch
walked downtown to the bakery there
home and naps
finished history project
a quick workout (yay me!!)
sweet neighbor friend dropped by for coffee
made a quick dinner
to the football game!


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We decided weeks ago we wanted to take the kids to a Friday night high school football game.  When we were in high school we used to love going every single Friday night.  Our Friday night plans snowballed until we were going with two other families in our neighborhood.  We all sat together with our kids.  They made little signs are cheered. We made oodles of trips to the concession stand.  It was good.  The weather was perfect…nothing like football games in South Dakota!!

Days like that make me feel full too.  While we walked back to our car with all our neighbor friends, I wondered to myself what things would be like if we’d have had this from the beginning…and not two years in when I feel like I’m at the end of my rope here. 

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By now I know that nothing nothing is certain.  Even when you think things are final, they’re not.  So who knows what will happen.  Maybe next October we’ll be going to the same game with the same people.  All I know is my heart felt full watching my kids play with all their friends that they see every single day next door.  I’ve cursed this neighborhood more times than once: dealing with all the kids is not always as fun as last night, bikes left in my driveway, mice, the HOA, the crabby pool people, the fact that we rent….I’ve sassed this place hardcore.  But I’ve been seeing lately what a blessing it is too. 

Even though this limbo place is grating and hard and lonely and scary….I know that this is exactly where we’re meant to be right now.  As much as I hate this season of hard things we’re in…I know its necessary.  And I’m determined to see the light…the Friday night lights in it.


Thankful for today:
1. Friday night football games
2. friends and neighbors
3. this neighborhood
4. full days
5. creative time with my kids
6. a full Saturday planned out: chores and fun
7. Jack and Jarrod getting away together this weekend
8. my sweet Lauren getting the last of the mouse horribleness taken care of this morning
9. getting up early on a Saturday
10. getting paid three days early $$


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  1. Can you believe I've never watched one single episode of Friday Night Lights? How can this be, since it pretty much depicts life as I've known it?

    I MUST watch the whole series on netflix this year.

    Glad you guys had some fun with friends.
    Wondering if Asheville is permanent or temporary for you guys? praying for you tonight.

  2. Helps when we focus on the blessings. <3 It's been a long time since we went to a football game. Sounds like something we need to put on the calendar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love full days, too. And it sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. I wish more days like that for you in the future. Have a wonderful weekend!

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