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This fall brought with it a shift that feels personal. 

Nothing ever stays the same.

I keep hearing that this too shall pass.  I know that’s true. 

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And then this quote….

No matter where I’m at, I need to resign myself to letting this season work its magic on my life. 

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Let it mold me. 

I can’t just be angry until the next season comes, because we never know how long seasons will last.  I need to live this season, drink it in.  Despite pain/depression/heartaches there’s a whole lot to drink in.

Today’s goal: drink it in.


Thankful for today:
1. grey fall days
2. school planning
3. reading time outside
4. beautiful fall weather
5. kids that memorize scripture
6. being just busy enough
7. being challenged
8. sleeping from my head hitting the pillow til the alarm goes off
9. drinking it in
10. setting goals

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  1. I need to let that happen too. Any tips?

    I do good for a few days…then, start feeling sorry for myself for the 'season' we are in. Gah.

    I have to start burning that pumpkin candle tonight; maybe that will help! 🙂

  2. Good goal! We definitely won't regret drinking even the hard times in…People around us are dealing with them too. If nothing else, we can help it be a little better for them.

  3. I am so glad you blog!!! Even through this hard season. I am looking forward to reading your blog every day in October. The last two years have been very tough for me and my husband. Six months ago I felt the season was passing and a new one was here, however some news last week left me shaken. Your "thankful for today" is such a good idea for me! Thanks again for sharing your life it's been an encouragement to me.

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