Are you totally feeling the time change or what?! Ya I am. Totally. Had the hardest time getting up today.
But I did.
And my Monday started out with me copying my to-do list from my email (that I emailed myself at 11:30pm because I couldn’t sleep) into my planner.  My list took up the whole page. Baby’s here in 5 weeks…maybe sooner, I’ve got a long list y’all.
I told the kids school was postponed til 10am. They did not object. (#notsurprised) I made yogurt parfaits for breakfast and got to work. I had so much computery stuff to do: orders to make, registration stuff, balancing checkbook……
then school.
I love school.
It took a long time today though.
We’re doing a little unit on St. Patrick’s day, so naturally that takes lots of reading, glue, and measuring each other to see how we’d measure up against a leprechaun…

It could have taken longer because there was a lot of dancing going on to our Celtic music in the background….

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We ordered caterpillars to raise into butterflies. They came a couple weeks ago and they have all changed into their pupal state! So exciting!! But they are kinda gross. I’m so glad they’re all in their neat little cocoons now…so much nicer…and neater. 

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We had to carefully move them into their tent to be reborn. It’s nerve wracking holding five little delicate lives in your hands, but they survived the move into their tent. We look forward to seeing them in about a week!

Then!! Then we got the sweetest package in the mail…completely gorgeous art pieces from my artsy South Dakota friend. Don’t you just love them?? I do.

A lot.

(xo, marissa!!!)

Also? I’m back on the coupon train! I was walking through Target yesterday with my Banker smelling men’s body wash and it was like the couponing fairy waved her hypnotic wand over me…once again. I used to be SO good at couponing.  Not to brag, but…good. Like, “pardon me while I get $45 dollars reduced from my Target bill right about NOW!”
So it happened again while I was smelling men’s body wash, noticing all the Dove Men’s stuff was on sale and if you bought 4 you got a $5 gift card AND I knew I’d seen a coupon out there somewhere.  With the help of my Banker, I quickly computed that WITH the $1 off coupon and WITH the $5 gift card, I could get four of these body washes for about $1.25 each….holla!!!
So I came home and printed coupons til my printer flipped me off.

I fell off the wagon so hard I don’t even know where my coupon organizer is anymore. So while at Target I got this handy dandy girl in the $$ section.  My boys were in solitary confinement for most of the day yesterday, so they were allowed out on work release to cut coupons…holla again!! Then I organized my little money makers in my new organizer. And then I kissed it.
I’ll let you know how I do…I know there’s some non-couponers that totally don’t get my bliss here. But I know there’s plenty of you that totally want to high five me right now.  You can. (*slap*)

Well, my hour before I had to start dinner is ending. (boo) I just drank a cup of reheated coffee and ate two Carmel DeLights. The kids were quietly watching 101 Dalmatians (the Glenn Close version…love that movie), but now it’s over and they’re doing a science experiment that “makes a really big mess and glows in the dark” in my bathroom.  Mercy.
I’m going to make THIS for dinner and then I’m going to bed at 7pm.
Happy Monday, folks.
PS: Have you broken in your Easter shoes yet? Ya, we did that today too. Just a friendly reminder from Martha me 🙂  xo


  1. We just got our butterflies in the mail last week! So exciting and LORD, are they ever dirty critters!

    Found your blog through Pinterest. We are homeschooling in Georgia and seem to school the way you do! Happy I found your blog!

  2. i wish you were my teacher and i could be little again and wear blue shoes with straps and my mommy would take me to the store with her while she saved the family money with coupons…i would look up to her like she was the 31 lady i had heard about at church
    AND i would be wide eyes when she touched those little worms cause that is way cool for a mom to do
    she always has a list to make sure she gets what needs gettin done each day…and she loves to watch me dance. i would LOVE to have a mommy like that….xo

  3. I love a great
    bargain, so I
    totally get the
    coupon high!

    How fun are
    those cocoons?

    Hope you are
    feeling GREAT,
    my friend. We
    are in super-duper-
    mode!! Exams and
    concerts and baseball
    practice….oh my : )

    xo Suzanne

  4. Five weeks?! Oh, that's right around the corner…what if you go early?!! 😉 We've done the butterfly thing before…super cool.

  5. Such a fun post! I'm going to go dig out my St. Patrick's stuff that I've been neglecting. Oh, and just wanted to warn you in case you haven't done the butterfly thing before, make sure you take off all those little cob-webby things. We didn't do that last year and ended up with 3 disabled butterflies. So incredibly sad. They could never fly and died young. 🙁

  6. I love your photography and homeschooling glimpses. My kiddos are in the teens and I miss those moments of young, eager giggles at home, doing school. blessings for sure.
    Love stopping in.

  7. five weeks?

    holy moly
    that's soon

    you seem like you're in full on
    nesting mode

    which is just as it should be

    and oh
    i've fallen off that wagon as well
    and need to hitch a ride back again

    happy list crossing off!


  8. Well you just rock. You know I'm not a big couponer..but I totally applaud those of my girls who are. I wish I was better at those sorts of things. LOVE the shoe shot. that is like, award winning… and the boys were in solitary confinement. Ha!!! So is mine. Like almost every dang day!! LOL

  9. 5 weeks!! That just made me anxious…what?? You are at the end of this journey and about to start a new one…AMAZING!

    I have tried my hand at couponing, but it proved to be way to time consuming for me. Now i pretty much just buy all toiletries and paper products through subscribe and save at Amazon and have it delivered to my door.

    I love St. Patty's day too plus its my sisters b-day, so it double good. Last year we made the kiddos believe a little leprechaun was playing tricks on us all day. They are already talking about if he will come back this year!

    And those enchilada…yumm! I love me some PW fixings! Have a great day!!

  10. I think Bitsy is the only one who handled the time change like a champ! It didn't put a dent in her routine at all. Pure BLISS!
    P.S. We watched the Glenn Close version of 101 Dalmations this morning. Bitsy loved it. She's not much for cartoons yet, but give her anything with dogs and the girl is hooked!
    I hope you are tucked into bed by now. I took a nap today….time change and pregnancy…man it takes it outta ya!
    Big Hugs and Belly Rubs!

  11. Oh so much to love in this post!
    I shall make a list:
    1. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day! I've been known to throw quite the shin dig complete with corned beef and lime margaritas. Ok, margaritas aren't Irish, but they're green!
    2. I about flipped out when we had to transfer the cocoon things to the net- I don't know why but I was SO GROSSED OUT by it. In fact, I made my cousin do it. Ridiculous I know.
    3. I reeeeeeally want to be a coupon queen. Teach me oh wise one!
    4. I made enchiladas two nights ago.
    5. That art work is absolutely precious! Perfect for Spring Chick!
    6. FIVE WEEKS? I guess I should get that blankie in the mail hugh?
    7. I think I need Easter shoes. I think I need YOUR Easter shoes! SO CUTE!!! And I know we wear the same size so you're not safe.
    8. I miss you.
    9. I should end this mile long comment.
    10. But just so it gets to #10 I'll keep talking. LOVE YOU friend!

  12. I wish I could do the coupon thing. It's like cooking. You have to be detailed and organized and have an action plan. So not good at that:-/ Proud of you though. And that artwork is amazing. Feeling like a slug I haven't painted something. But I refuse until I know what sex that baby is! Refuse I tell ya.

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