Good Thursday to you! I really do have lots of real posts to write about things like school and projects and how homeschooled kids really are “normal.” But it’s just not coming to me.  But lucky for you, all these random posts ARE!
I feel like I’m wearing about 18 hats right now: teacher, pregnant lady, cook, cleaner, organizer, scheduler, birthday planner, technological person…lots.  But it’s all good and I’m glad for it all.
Yesterday was busy as well as every other day of a stay-at-home-mom….
…we managed to snap a few pics of belly rubs. They are so funny.
“What is the baby doing now?”
“What is the baby doing now?”

Jack and I ran a few quick errands to finish up Sophie’s bday shopping. I kind of bit off a lot with one of the gifts I’m giving her. More on that later.
Anyway, Jack is just a fun guy. He’s so chill. He asks the most random questions. Sometimes I wonder if we’re on the same planet. But I love him…my little space cadet.
We found this at Target…

…and unpacked my car and then my house looked like this…

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…and this.

I had about 2 hours before we had to get to church, so I got busy cleaning up the Skittles, crusty mac and cheese, and ladybug habitat off my kitchen counters.
Also, couponing.  It’s going well….here’s some of my couponing scores from this week:

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The Nivea Men’s lotion was my favorite score…regularly $5.54 at Target, I got it for $1.54. Yeah!
Other stuff: Natural bliss creamer: regularly $2.48, I got it for $1.50
Minute Maid juice boxes: regularly $4.18, I got them for $2.48 each
Simply Cranberry juice: regularly $4.25, I got it for $2.50

I’m pretty happy about that.

It’s Sophia’s birthday next week. We are going to the zoo.  We checked the zoo’s website last night to make sure it was open and all that and we learned there’s a brand new baby giraffe!! You could watch the video of it being born, so of course my baby-crazed daughter said YES YES YES!! So we did…the boys were not present for this.  Jarrod gagged, I peed my pants laughing at Jarrod and Sophie teared up and said, “ohhhhhhhh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!”
She loved every bit.
And then she was disappointed when I told her she would be with a babysitter when our baby came out.





You’ll be happy to know that by the time we left to church, my kitchen looked more like this….

…yes, that’s Honeycomb cereal in paper bowls for dinner.
Bon Appetit, kids!!
And no more ladybugs in the kitchen.

Jarrod’s car threw a hissy fit yesterday, so a lovely gentleman had to come and tow it to the shop.  So I had to go pick him up.
He doesn’t have ladybugs on his desk…..

I propped my feet up and made my list of things to take to the hospital while I waited for him to finish up. What do I need that I’m forgetting??? Help a mama out…
Ok, independent work time has turned into a mockery…I better go address this.
Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I loved your pic of the kitchen…makes me feel normal. 🙂 It's kinda weird for me to post what I'm about to suggest you take with you to the hospital not knowing you and all (although I feel like I do since I read your blog all the time :)), but here goes. I think it was while I was pregnant with my 4th baby, someone suggested using Depends after delivering (assuming you're not having a c-section.) I know it sounds kinda crazy, but they were awesome! I didn't have to worry about anything leaking and clean up was a breeze (I know, not exactly what you want to think about right now…sorry.) Sending speedy labor and delivery thoughts your way.

  2. I love these random posts because they're little snippits of your everyday.
    Believe me sistah- we've had plenty of cereal dinners, especially on AWANA nights!
    That pic of you and Jack is ADORABLE!!
    Sophie is going to be the best big sister ever. I love how she's so curious about stuff- she's a smart cookie.
    Hmmm . . . hospital bag . . . breath mints, cute yet stretchy clothes to go home in, munchies (labor creates an appetite), and an ice chest to fill with hospital ice. They always have the best ice! I know you know what I'm talking about. 🙂

  3. Cereal for dinner why yes, don't forget to take an outfit for you to come home in and not have to ask your hubby to get the cute sweatsuit that you bought for this reason, and he brings a two piece dress suit that I wore at 8 months to a wedding! Oh well we made it.
    Have a great day!

  4. I can't really give advice
    about having the kids
    watch a live birth

    though it kind of
    grosses me out a little bit

    but we got to go see
    a brand new baby elephant
    at the Pittsburgh zoo a couple years ago
    and it was unforgettable

    good luck
    with the hospital lists!


  5. Sounds like my house. We have breakfast for dinner a lot and my kitchen sink looks like yours right now. 🙂

    Love the sweet belly picture. I had my kids paint on my tummy a few days before I had my youngest…they loved it and I love looking back at the pictures.
    Have a great Thursday!

  6. For some odd reason, this might just be my top favorite random post. I think it was the plastic containers all lined up. What are they for? Please tell 🙂 I'm in re-org. mode right now so plastic bins and baskets make me very happy!

    My must haves for the hospital:
    1.my own pillow (put a colored pillow case on it if you have white normally so it doesn't get mixed up with hospital ones)
    2.My own towel. At least at the hospitals I've been too for babies, the towels are never soft enough- especially after having a baby.
    3. And not that you need reminder but keep that camera battery charged at all times since ya never know when that sweet bundle will decide it is time!
    4.Make a list of things you need to grab last minute that can't be packed ahead of time. 🙂

  7. you make me feel normal. honeycomb cereal for dinner is the bomb. we are cool. period!

    oh and in kelle style don't forget candles and music…for mood. noxema to sniff through the contractions…that's all me. and a big bouncy ball if you can pack it…to bounce that big boy/girl right on out. wish the kids could be with me. booooo! talk about random.

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