How to Help Your High Schooler Succeed with ACT Prep

Homeschooling your high schooler isn’t all that hard, but there are a lot more boxes to check– like test taking. And for most students, taking an ACT prep or SAT prep course will improve scores. For us, we are really open to our kids going to university, trade school, gap years, apprenticeship and whatever other productive ideas they can come up with. But we don’t want them to limit themselves by not taking the steps to enter college, even if they never decide to enroll.

Our family received this course several weeks ago to try out in exchange for an honest review and compensation for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is why our kids will take the ACT test and do ACT prep leading up to the test.

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My oldest is a Junior and will take the ACT this coming summer. This winter, we’ve been getting ready by working through the handiest of ACT prep courses, by the famous Mr. D.

It's always a great idea for your high schooler to do an ACT Prep course and take the test. Here, I'll share a course that's making this so much easier!

What is Mr. D’s ACT Prep?

Mr. D’s ACT Prep course is a self-paced, online course to get your student ready to take the ACT. Mr. D also offers these courses as a “bootcamp” at different times of the year where your child can do the classes live.

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The ACT Prep course that my Junior took covered everything he’ll need to get ready for the test.

  • Practice sessions
  • Tons of videos with testing tips and examples
  • Writing tips
  • Games encompassing skills they’ll need to know for the ACT
  • LOADS of practice tests covering:
    • Geometry
    • Critical Thinking
    • Algebra
    • Calculus
    • and more!

I have friends that use the live classes and LOVE them, but for us and my busy teenager, the self-paced course was perfect because he could work on it between his job, PSEO courses and other school work. We loved being able to fit it in between other activities.

Who Should Take ACT Prep Courses?

I will be bold and say that most high schoolers should take an ACT prep course. Studies show that students earn up to 20% higher scores when they take a prep course.

Mr. D himself says this:

In just six weeks, it’s entirely possible for your child to raise their ACT math score by up to 5 points … without learning more math. I’ve seen it happen time and time again!

-Mr. D

Even if your child is unsure about going to college or not, it’s still a good idea to take the ACT (or SAT, depending on your area). A lot of colleges ask for this score when students apply, so it’s better to have the boxes checked in case they do decide to go to a university.

Even some trade schools and branches of the military and certain jobs will ask for this information.

Quick Thoughts on ACTs + Mr. D’s ACT Prep Course

  • If you’re new to homeschooling high school, just know that most students take their ACT/SAT in their Junior year or between Junior and Senior years. My son will be taking his in June, between his last two years of high school.
  • Worst case scenario, your child isn’t pleased with their test score. They can always take it again and use the higher score. By and large, students that retake the test will get at least a couple of points higher the second time.
  • Mr. D’s ACT Prep course is self-paced. If your student is a fast-worker, they could go through it in a month or so, working on it 3x/week.
  • If your student takes his time, you could stretch the course out over a few months or go back through areas where they feel less confident and retake portions of the course.
  • The biggest benefit of taking a prep course is this: your student will not be surprised by the somewhat overwhelming test! They will be familiar with the material, which is SO helpful!
It's always a great idea for your high schooler to do an ACT Prep course and take the test. Here, I'll share a course that's making this so much easier!

Where you can find Mr. D:

Not only does Mr. D provide test prep courses, he offers loads of math courses that are also so helpful! Pre-Algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, algebra II and more.

See Mr. D’s course catalog HERE.

Mr. D is so helpful and fun–kids LOVE him! And he truly makes teaching some of the tougher subjects so much easier on homeschool moms.

Find Mr. D around the web:

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