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I was so blessed by your comments on Monday I could barely stand it. Thank you, thank you for your sweet words. I’ve read and reread every one.


Since things like pregnancies and blogs can turn you into a total narcissist at times, let’s just sit down and talk about me for a minute, ok?

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Q. Are you seriously pregnant with your 4th kid?

A. Ok, so no one asked me that, but just in case you missed the last post…yes. That is a ci, senor.  Really, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. There’s always the Duggar’s. They have more kids than us.

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Q. When am I due?

A. In the Spring. April 16th to be exact! That will make February, March, and April babies…daddy, get your checkbook!

Q. Are you finding out what you’re having?

A. Oh no. Not a chance. We love the element of surprise. I want a big ol’ surprise and fanfare after all that work of labor. We’ve never found out…this baby’s no different.

Q. How am I feeling?

A. Well, not so good…but getting better. I’m not a thrower upper (thankYouJesus!). But I’ve had enough nausea to make me want to puke and just get it over with! Really tired. Really really nauseous.  My sleep is totally ridiculous. Like yesterday I was wide awake at 3am.  That is just not a normal waking hour.  But I’m 10 weeks along now, so hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll be done with that jazz and I can resume normal exercise and eating and sleeping.

Q. Are the kids excited?
Oh yes!! They are and they are hilarious. Imagining Sophia as a big sister is seriously doing me in. She is such a doer. She will do everything. Jack is a little lover and has wanted a baby for months and months. Noah, the heir to the throne, is trying to be calm and cool. Then he’ll ask me something out of the blue about babies that shows me he’s thinking.  He’s my analytical child.

When I told my sister she said, “Oh my gosh, Alicia. This is going to be the easier kid yet! You’re not going to have to do anything.  My gosh, Soph will probably even breastfeed it!.”
I have laughed over that conversation 100 times!!

We told the kids at the beach while we were on vacation.  We told them while we were sitting around the table after dinner, the Strahles our witnesses.  It was beyond comical and a bit emotional.  I’m going to leave the details of that story for Becky to tell since she took pictures…and notes.  No, I’m not kidding.  She wrote down what each of them said on a paper plate. I loved that. (by the way Becky, can you send me that plate when you’re done using it? thanks!)

Q. What is my emotional state and why do you feel like a caterpillar?

A. No one asked that either. I’m just asking myself questions and answering them now. But here’s the truth. I’m not sure what the connection is, but I feel myself sort of cocooning.  I want it quiet. I want to read and read and read.  The computer is making me nauseous…I must stay away.  I feel like I want it physically quiet, but also I want to be emotionally quiet.  As in, social-media has taken an immediate back burner to make room for a quiet, calm mind.  Am I making a hill o’ beans worth of sense?

Basically I feel like “Darling” on the Lady and the Tramp.  I am sitting and reading and waiting. Remember how she’s just sitting and knitting the whole time? That’s me. (only reading)  I’m doing the very minimum.  That has never…I repeat, never been my style. I got rid of everything baby related when we moved. But I feel no rush whatsoever to shop for maternity clothes or anything.  I’m just chill.  My house is slightly dirty.  My kids are learning to make lunch.  Clutter is collecting a little bit.  But I’m totally fine with that. I’m cocooning. And waiting.  My body’s doing a big thing, so I’m letting it.

So that’s the low down on me right now.
Happy weekend to you!!



  1. We just watched Lady and the Tramp with the kiddos for the first time. You'd make a lovely "Darling", of course. Enjoy the cocooning, dear lady. So happy for you.

  2. how did i miss this alicia? congratulations!! so happy and excited for your family an di hope that the nausea ends really soon for you. i love that you are not finding out, we didn't either, love that surprise!!

  3. i think it is so good you want to cocoon. i was like that when my babies were newborns. it must be a maternal thing. i can't wait to see soph hold that bundle. you get some major patience points for waiting. the problem is, how am i going to wait that long to know?!!! i guess i can manage. ; ) oh my word… i can't wait to hear the story about dinner. and that plate – sweetest thing ever! i know you want to cocoon, but please blog a little… i want to follow you on this fourth child journey. : )

  4. Congratulations! We just had number three in August. I know just what you mean about wanting it quiet and "cocooning". I'm much more relaxed about "stuff" now. Not nearly the neat freak I was a few months ago. Be blessed!

  5. you know i'm praying fr you, right?
    and that i think of you a lot?
    you just rest yourself, darling.
    you need it!
    i LOVE that you told the kids on vaca with friends, and that becky wrote it down.
    that is the sweetest thing ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps. my b-day is april 6th….a very very good day to have a baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. When I told your mom congrats on being a grandma again she said, "it will give Sophie something to do" ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you get to feeling better nausia is the worst! xoxo

  7. Congratulations!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!
    Does it get any better than this?!
    Beautiful and creative post…enjoy your quiet moments and sitting and reading and waiting ๐Ÿ™‚
    And have a lovely weekend Alicia!

    Deborah xoxo

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