Happy Day Challenge #12: Paint Yo Toes

I’m back.
Before when I was back it wasn’t official, but now it is.
Totally official.
I’ve become overwhelmed with blog post subjects. So much so I’m almost not sure how to sort them all out. 1,342 blog post ideas paired with 10 days of company, 17 hours of car shopping, 3 day weekend, 5 consecutive days at the pool, and 14 nights of late bed times makes a girl want to scrap the whole idea of blogging and take a nap!
But the truth is…this girl’s got thoughts, y’all. And thoughts are meant to be shared.

One of those many random thoughts is that we need a little happy right about now, mamas, so here’s your challenge for this week….

I’m headed to the beach this weekend and I’m so totally going to mess up my freshly pedicured toes, but that’s not the point. For about an hour Saturday morning while that Asian guy clipped, filed, buffed, lotioned, massaged and painted my feet was sheer happiness.
Total happiness.
Here’s the thing with happy things…you usually want to share the happy.
So yesterday was Sister’s turn for a happy day.

Oh my gosh, it was the cutest little thing ever. Her cheeks were bright red from all the attention. I loved watching her. The lady that did it was so sweet.๏ปฟ

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Let me just say that Sister friend was totally worth that splurge.
So now your turn…
Paint your toes…it’s summer!!!!
Share your shade and come back next week and tell us all about it.

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I love that you link up to these little challenges.  It is so fun to read your posts…I love it!
Now is the time to link up last week’s challenge; to Pin Something and Do it! Can’t wait to see what you did!

Be back Friday ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. I can't wait till my little girl is old enough to do this!!! She 6months old so I got awhile!!! Lol
    I love painting toes because I get way more bold/funky with color!!! Currently I'm rocking a bright purple!!!

  2. soph looks totally adorable in that chair. and her outfit!!! LOVE. i am against painting my toe nails… can we still be friends?? because no matter what base coat i use, it turns them yellow and takes a whole year to grow out. but my nails? yes, i can manage that! : )

  3. good to have you back, I missed your inspiring self!!!! Now I just have to get back in gear and start writing again. My unintentional break is already lasting 2 months and I am starting to get itchy about it. Need to write and not only read, again.

  4. LOVE this! It would make one of my twins very, very happy to do this, but my sophia wouldn't set one little toe inside a place like that! ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am thankful for the next challenge although the gal that gets me may not be I am way overdue.

    That little girl is just adorable love the daisy's.


  6. Hooray … I had something to link up again. It's actually one of my summer goals to do a Pinterest project every week. Can't wait for summer to officially start for all these kiddos!

  7. Have a fantastic time at the beach!! I think I'm going to go for a sea-foam color…maybe coral. I am loving these colors!

  8. I'm looking forward to a pedicure myself and your post inspired me to stop looking forward to it and actually make the appointment!! Being six months pregnant has made it increasingly more difficult to paint them myself, so I intend to splurge a little and treat myself to a happy, relaxing time at the salon. Enjoy your day at the beach!!

  9. She is just so CUTE! I'll bet she felt like such a big girl. Hope you have a great day at the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Yay your back….again!
    How cute is your Sophie getting her nails did!
    I think I will take my oldest to salon with me if I make it to one. If not, all my girls and I will have a big mani/pedi session. Have a great time at the beach! SO jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. what a cute post – I'm glad your back too – it was like a month of a magazine subscription didn't arrive ๐Ÿ™‚ your little one's toes are adorable. Just had a mani/pedi myself ….. Creme de menthe Mint from Essie – Love it.

  12. Absolute cuteness! What a special time with your girl!
    So excited for your beach adventure! Hooray for summer! We need to chat before you go!! I missssss you!!!!

  13. she's just beyond adorable alicia. i wanna take her with me next time i get my toes done…just for fun. i just did my toes before dc. the girl went a little nutso and put a lot of time and energy into my flower design. she was expressing herself apparently. SO glad you are back!! missed you terribly.

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