May Mock 365

Holy May, y’all!
I’ve decided May is the busiest of all months.
Recitals, end of school, spring fever, testing, visitors, awards night…it’s full.
In some ways these recaps make me feel like time is a funnel and I’m sitting at the computer compiling my photo collages with my hair twisted up in a tornado on the top of my head, proof of the whirlwind I’ve just been in.
I don’t like this whirlwind, which is why I’m taking it easy on the computer this summer. Please don’t hate me if I comment less often, if I close my shop for a few weeks, if I don’t take custom orders, and if spider webs collect of the corners of my facebook page. My daughter using the “” signs to me when she’s telling a story, talking about braces for my 10-year-old in the nearer-than-I’m-comfortable-with future, and my Jack-o’s sudden surge of problem-solving ability has got my heart racing a bit.
I’m not ready for this.
I suddenly want more kids…like 6 more. Not really, but really.
If you just keep having them, they won’t grow up right? Isn’t that how it works?
Deep breaths.

Ok, May…

Clockwise: First lake swim of the year; my Sister’s first recital; grandmére and grandpére with the bébés after; airport goodbyes.
Contrary to what I just said about taking it easy, I just went public on Insta. Do not ask me why. I’ve been on Insta for almost a year and just finally took the plunge of “public.” The whole reason is was against it was a.) I had a creeper make a comment one one of my very first photos and I was creeped out. and b.) I need another method of social media like I need an eyebrow piercing…not very badly.
But I did it…and I can just as easily UNdo it too…I just need to remember that. I’ve started leaving my phone at home when we go to the pool, turning it off for hours at a time.
I need that.
But if you want to follow my very interesting photographs on Insta, you can find me: @aliciaahutchinson.
Clockwise: Family pic at the Biltmore house; mama and Soph at Dupont forest, fresh herbs…my favorite; my pioneers at Davy Crockett’s house; street musicians downtown; end-of-school history project
I have so much to tell you about the last few weeks in May. We had so. much. fun when my fam was here. My dad’s laugh is contagious, my mom is so random (hard to believe with straight-thought-me, right?) and we laugh so hard we could quite possibly pee ourselves. My sister is quite possibly the weirdest person I know (in a good way) and we have a blast together. I will for surely share lots of deets about their visit next week.
I took about 5 million photos in May, so there’s a few extra collages. (Dear, you are my hero forever for getting collages at last and making my life easy peasy…if I were a photo editing website, I would totally ask you to cyber prom…you are the coolest!!! xo, me)
I realized my kids are so stinkin’ adorbs they should have their very own May collage. You’re ok with that right?
Davy, Davy Crockett; hiking; Awana award…this kid knows more scripture than his mama. So proud of my boy; my boys love each other so; first accident of the summer #damnyoubottomofthepool
This kid is obsessed with the Crock-man. He woke up yesterday morning and ask if he could watch the movie. “What the heck, it’s summer.” He sings the song. Love; flirting/hiking; just sweet; dancing in the streets. Literally…more on that later; serious sister pride at her recital
Sister @ the Biltmore. I adore this photo; @ the Biltmore again with cousin Bennett; new pet; telling a story…this is how she tells them, intensely and more intensely…might love this photo more than chocolate; cute girl in a body shop…she reminds me of Dorothy in this.
That’s that. May in a nutshell. I’m on my way to the beach right now…don’t feel too bad for me. It’s not as hard as it might sound. 😉 We need a long weekend together. I love family time. We decided to ring in the first month of summer with sand and shells. Happy June, my loves.

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  1. Whoohoo! I really need you to explain how to do a linky party to me. And make a button etc. I would have totally done a 365 party but HOW??!!

    And I'm lazy.

    cause maybe I could have found out… but I just didn't. LOL

  2. Whoa, you guys have been busy! Went to the doc yesterday and she called May "Manic May" sounds like you would agree with that. I'm missing you bunches, I feel like it has been forever but I totally get it seeing this post. Enjoy the beach, we'll catch up sometime!

  3. My kiddos are much younger than yours and I still feel like they are growing up way too fast. Enjoy your day at the beach!!!! Raining cool day in Michigan…not sure summer is ever going to make it here!!!!!

  4. Great pics! And can I just say Im thrilled you gave a shout out to picmonkey. I've been hunting for a good place to whip up a good collage online!! So many thanks. Happy weekend…get some lines through that summer bucket list. xo

  5. Oh Alicia! Gorgeous photos! I agree with the whole social media thing. I am quite addicted 🙁 However, I also agree with Carissa…get rid of all the rest except for IG, its the best one! Ha!
    Have a fun weekend with your family! xoxo
    ps…my uterus is aching too 🙂

  6. i agree with the more kids…have em! 🙂
    love your sweet heart and your pics!
    couldn't agree more about picmonkey{you might have a fight on that prom date}! haha!
    and i'm SO with you on SHUTTING OFF THE PHONE.
    i am working on this and trying to just enjoy my kiddos and the limited time that we're given with them. ack!
    stop growing up already!
    have a WONDERFUL day!

    ps. i seriously think that the pics of jack and noah in those hats, along with the singing sophia ought to be gallery wrapped and mounted HUGE! they are priceless. <3

  7. LOVED seeing your month! Such fun pictures! You are creating such a sweet life for your kiddoes!
    And yes, just keep having more babies! 🙂 Hee hee!
    Have SO much fun with your fam at the beach! What a perfect way to ring in the summer!!

  8. Yes…take it slow. Disconnect…except from me;) Enjoy those sweet peeps. Love these pics by the way. Noah in that Daniel Boone hat is awesome:) Have fun at the beach girlie.

  9. ok, well i noticed you started following me, but i was afraid to follow you back. but now that you are public! woo hoo!!! i'm excited. following you asap. i agree, social media is overwhleming and addicting. BUT, i do think insta is the best one. i don't care about any other ones now – not even pinterest. insta is just too cool.

    love these mock 365's… i've forgotten the last two months. GASP. thanks for reminding me. love your pretty people and getting a peek at your life!

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