Handmade Giving: Cocoa + Stirrers

So are you all enjoying the Handmade Giving series??? I AM! I am so impressed with what beautiful things my friends come up with.  If we all got together for a craft weekend, the roof might blow off the house! Ok, so on with today…

I’m not even kidding.  She did the project.  I took pictures of her doing the project…and melted the chocolate…and wrote the post.  But let’s not split hairs.
Today Ms. Sophia is going to make a little gift of cocoa with fun stirrers to go with it.
So here’s what you’re gonna need:
a whole package of candy canes…just make it 2
rolling pin
Ziploc bag
chocolate chips
cocoa mix
wrapping things
Start with about 5 of your candy canes.  Unwrap and put in the bag.  Use the rolling pin to smash them up till there’s some chunks and some powder…you don’t want all powder.

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Then all you’re going to do is mix the crushed candy canes in with your cocoa mix.  We used about 6 cups of mix and five candy canes.
Next we’re going to use the whole candy canes to make the stirrers.  You’ll need to unwrap them and melt the chocolate.  Melting chocolate is NOT my strong suit.  I stink at melting chocolate. BUT if you’re in the market for clumpy, chunky not-so-melted, but instead, ruined chocolate, I’m your girl.  This time, however, the chocolate gods showed me favor and I successfully melted a whole bag of chocolate chips.  Maybe the secret is stirring less??
Anyway, melt the gosh darn chocolate and dip your candy canes in it.  Use a spoon to spoon it over them if its easier.  Then add sprinkles while its still melty.

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The freckle/tongue in cheek to focus move? I will never get over.  Melts me like I rocked melting that chocolate.  Melts. Me.

Then all you need to do is package it up any way you like to and deliver! We have ours to our neighbor.  Well, Sophie did.  Because this is her project and she likes to do everything herself. 🙂  I think this would make a great teacher/coach/librarian/music teacher gift.  Just a little bit of time but oh-so cute.  You could give it with some cute Christmas mugs too!

Thanks for posting today, Sophie Cate.  Love you, bird. xo


  1. what a doll she is. and getting so big! she looks older in these photos than last time i looked:) give her lots of squeezes…xoxo

  2. Such a cute idea!

    P.S. Have you tried using a double-boiler to melt chocolate (or a glass bowl that fits tightly over the top of a saucepan)? Changed my chocolate-melting world!

  3. Well isn't this just the cutest thing! Ever! I've been racking my brain to come up with a gift for our mailman, and ding ding ding! I found the golden ticket! Our mail is delivered on foot and after a week of below zero temps I think this is the perfect treat for him. xxoo

  4. Such a wonderful gift idea! Sophia, I can't wait to make some of these and snuggle with a few of my big kiddos and a Christmas show. Perfection!!
    Thank you!
    xox- Susan @sugarbeans.org

  5. What an absolute doll! I am a HUGE hot cocoa fan so this project is totally up my alley. Thanks, Sophia! You are totally rad! (Can Moms say that? Hmmm) 😉 Good job, sweety! 🙂

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