Handmade Giving: Beaded Barrettes

Good morning, friends!! This post is from my sweet friend, Annalea.  She’s been a blog friend for a long time and I just love her style.  She has the sweetest home and its decorated beautifully for Christmas right now.  Go check her out at Hope and Honey.  Thanks so much, Annalea!

hello, la famille friends!
i am thrilled to be visiting with y’all today.  handmade and giving are a few of my favorites.  and it’s even better if i can accomplish both with what i have in my stash.  yep, i am the make-do, make-over, and make-lovely sort.  today’s project is definitely an example of this mentality.

wood bead barrettes

over a decade ago, i bought a large bag of wood beads and have been slowly working my way through them since.  this year i am particularly drawn to their simple, natural beauty.  and while recently making beaded garlands for our mantle, the realization that i had everything needed to make barrettes for my girlie became obvious.  i have been itching to adorn her locks with colorful wood beads since.
wood bead barrettes
supplies used:
colored wood beads, various shapes and sizes
french barrette hair clips
thin gauge wire
needle nose pliers

wood bead barrettes
pull apart the barrette, measure and cut 24″ of wire, and wrap the wire through an end hole several times.  string the selected beads on the wire, then wrap the other end of the wire through the other end of the barrette.  the pliers come in handy for pulling and wrapping the wire.
wood bead barrettes
next wrap the wire back through the last bead.   
wood bead barrettes
now you will wrap the wire several times around the barrette between each bead.  use the pliers to arrange the beads as you go.  when you get to the end, pull the wire through the first bead and wrap the wire through the end hole again.  if desired, restring the wire through the beads one last time to make extra secure and wrap through the other end hole.  trim the end pieces of wire so they will fit through the end beads, using the pliers to fit them tightly.  put the barrette back together and voila!
wood bead barrettes
then you can go barrette making crazy because you realize that you made this super sweet project in about 5 minutes or less.  and you wonder how many people in your life could use a new barrette for a gift.  there will be several stuffed in a certain stocking at my house this christmas.
wood bead barrettes
thank you so much, dear alicia, for having me over for this sweet series.  
you are definitely another of my favorites.
happy making and giving!

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