Handmade Giving: Plate Pedestals

Ok everybody…this post is from Molly from The Poor Sophisticate, and I completely love this girl.  True, I’ve only just “met” her a few months ago, but if you go read her blog you’ll love her too.  Here’s why…she’s is overly talented at decorating her barn-house…yes, I said barn-house.  She lives in a barn…the cutest barn you’ve seen…in Germany, yes….Germany.  She’s a girl from California living in Germany.  Molly posts about great finds she discovers on her European ventures, decorating ideas, parties, and recipes.  Also, she ties antlers on her Christmas gifts.  So ya, you better go read her blog.  Thanks for posting, Molly! 
Hey, hey, hey, reader’s of La Fimille!! Happy December! I am Molly from The Poor Sophisticate Blog and I am beyond thrilled to be here today sharing a super simple and uber frugal handmade gift idea with you!  Can you tell how excited I am from the massive amount of exclamation points I am using? Alicia, is such a wonderful blogger and I am so honored to be a part of her handmade giving series!

One of my absolute favorite things to decorate and entertain with are cake pedestals. They can be used for just about ANYTHING, you guys. You can find them scattered all over our barn-house and I believe that every home needs one (or five) as well! They make a perfect coffee, cocoa, and tea caddy, jewelry stand, desk organizer, and work great in the bathroom for pretty soaps, perfumes and washcloths. Sometimes I will use them for candles, or to showcase unique curiosities! They are awesome even for men, as a shaving or bow-tie station! As you can see, there are endless uses for these towering beauties. The best part is, these eclectic cake pedestals are completely customizable to the person you are giving them to! Design it to go with their decor so they can use it more often than just for entertaining.

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To create the ones above, I used pieces that I had lying around our home from both Europe and The States. I love the combination of old and new. You will want to make sure that if you are using the pedestal for food (and not decor purposes), that the plates are food safe. Let the person you are gifting this to, know that it is always BEST to hand-wash these pedestals. If you are living in The States, stores like Homegoods and Marshalls have a wonderful selection of single plates that you can purchase to mix and match. If you are using random antique ones, there will be a cool story that goes along with your gift!

Consider using:
Bowls (good for chips)
Teacups (perfect for candies, dip, or veggie sticks)
Last but not least, you will need Gorilla Glue or if you want it to be extra sturdy and waterproof…
Stack your objects in different combinations and glue them together according to the directions on the glue bottle. 
Place books on top of your pedestals to help with the bonding process. 
Voila! That’s it! It is really that easy! 
These gifts are extra sweet when they are piled high with decadent treats or useful goodies! 
 Wouldn’t these make the perfect hostess gift? 
I hope you give this simple and inexpensive gift tutorial a shot and 
be sure to check out all the fabulous and creative handmade gift ideas on Le Famille! 
May you and yours have a blessed holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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  2. I am just loving this series, Alicia! And seriously, that barn house– yeah, totally drool worthy!! Thanks bunches!
    Susan @SugarBeans.org

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