Friday Faves

Another edition of my favorite things this week…๏ปฟ
It was rainyish for part of the week…we lit candles. I’m partial to this one. We also made cookies and read. Sometimes rainy days are good.

I’m leaving for South Dakota for 11 days in about a week. I’m feeling like I need to get school stuff organized now. I love doing it. I love smelling all the new books. Do you smell books?
 Just me?
Ok…moving on.

There just is. Everywhere you look.
Little mushrooms.
Fairy terrain.

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Tuesday morning we went on an impromptu hike. It was easy enough and at the end we discovered this gorgeous waterfall that you could walk under and wade in the water.
There was a guy under the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall that was cooking food.
He had a big pack.
I’m wondering if he didn’t live there.
He had sad eyes.
I wanted to go tell him God has a plan for his life, but I was too nervous.


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I prayed for him on the hike back instead. Sometimes you just get that feeling, you know?

We ate lunch on my tailgate at the end of our hike. We could hear rumbles of thunder coming. It was very ominous and spooky, but we loved it.  Then a little girl in the car next to us puked. I started gagging and we left.
Good times.

We are seriously obsessed with this show. It is soooo good! It’s on Netflix…the whole series. We’re only about 4 years behind the craze, but that’s ok. We’ve got about 102 episodes to go so we’ve got our entertainment for a while.
So what was your favorite thing this week?
Have a great weekend!!


  1. YaY lost!!! We were SO super sucked in… I'm so happy you are enjoying it!!!

    I just love this post. Very sweet indeed and I'm so happy to be on instagram now. I recognize some of those photos!!

    Love ya sweet thing.

  2. I am also a book smeller. I think you may need to make shirts on this one. I would SO buy them. Love your sweet pictures and now I need a pineapple candle ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My kids are with their grandparents in PA this week. While I miss them terribly, I got around to painting a room and redecorated with some "new" (hand me down)furniture. There is no greater feeling than giving 100% to a project without the mommy guilt ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey lady,
    I'm going to have the kiddos in the Aberdeen area July 28-August 2. Let me know if you'd like to meet one of those days at Storybook Land for a little play time!

  5. Love little girlie with the do rag updo so cute, you have such great adventures. Favorite thing evening walks & talks with Bruce.
    Happy Friday!

  6. fun favorites
    to be sure

    my favorite
    of your favorites?


    oh yeah

    once you start
    you won't come out
    until the very end
    of the very last epi

    we loved it so much
    that i almost wish
    i could go back
    and start fresh


  7. fun favorites
    to be sure

    my favorite
    of your favorites?


    oh yeah

    once you start
    you won't come out
    until the very end
    of the very last epi

    we loved it so much
    that i almost wish
    i could go back
    and start fresh


  8. That hike looks amazing. And I, too, love the smell of books. I'm placing my order for our home school books for the coming year and can't wait to see what 1st grade brings us!

  9. I'm about to order my story of the world materials this week. I am so excited! First curriculum purchase ever!! I too love book smells…it's the biggest downfall to ebooks!!

  10. One of my favorite smells is the inside of Barnes and Noble. All those new books, fresh paper. It smells so good to me.

  11. also a book sniffer.

    love spontaneous hikes…you've got all kinds of great places around you!

    Have you hiked in Cashiers, yet?
    beautiful waterfalls all around. ๐Ÿ™‚

    you're seriously making me want to visit your area soon!

  12. love fave posts.
    there truly is beauty everywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚
    that hike sounds wonderful, i should take my kids on a hike through wildcat state park near us…they would LOVE it!
    and by the way, that is my fave pic of yours right now. (the hiking one of you and the kiddos)
    hope you have a relaxed day.
    we got rain this week and i LOVED it.
    rainy days are awesome!

  13. I too am a book smeller….
    the older the better!
    We will be driving
    through SD in a couple
    weeks on our way to
    Colorado….I will think
    of you and the wonderful
    time you will be having
    with your family. I know
    all to well that after
    living away, how special
    that time is.

    Ok I'm loving the Edward
    Sharpe right now that's playing….I had never heard
    of them until about 2 years
    ago when my Bro-in-law
    started working for them
    (he is a record producer/engineer,) now
    they are one of my favs.

    Book smelling and edward
    sharp fans, i think you are
    one of my long lost besties!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I was also obsessed with Lost. I loved the names sawyer called people and tried super hard to remember them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Oh you know I'm a text book smelling soul sistah! i organized all my books- thanks for the inspiration.
    I love that I can picture you in your house now.
    I know that hike! It's where we met our trusty hiking buddy who thought we were die hard hikers right?? Wish I could have done it with you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love you friend! Enjoy your cozy day!

  16. Your hike sounds magical…love it! Lost was a favorite of mine..especially in the beginning…enjoy. Spending Wednesday with just my 7 year old was the highligh of my week…love it!

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