hydrangeas on my table and what’s up with me

The thing about weekends that I love is the pace change up.  Everything seems a little bit more laid back, a little bit more chill. Donuts are not a normal Tuesday breakfast, but Saturday? Perfectly acceptable.  Pajamas are completely appropriate at 12:14pm and reading is a must.

We like to explore on the weekends too…find new things, eat new food, see new sites. I love the extra time we get because all other responsibilities are for the weekday.

Weekends to me mean extra time to think…

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…about things.

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Sometimes life feels like a hamster wheel and I hate that feeling. This summer has brought so many fun adventures and new things and I love that, but in other ways I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Home, Etsy, kids, school, meals…things can add up fast and I feel like I need a break from something…like I’m unfocused because there’s too many things on the table right now.

I’ve decided to close my shop for a while…focus on other things.  I have so many ideas and my brain never seems to stop in the creating part of it, but I feel like it’s something I have to do. Tentatively, I’m thinking about a big reopen sign in October. But that too could change. 

I’ve been praying for God to show me which direction to go…where my talents lie.  I feel so uncertain sometimes. I have ideas and aspirations but I also have three kids that need me.  When I am sitting at my sewing machine sometimes I feel so guilty…I wonder if it’s worth it right now.  I have some other ideas in the works that I feel better suit my family and my needs for the time being. I feel like God might be leading me in a different way. In the meantime while my shop is closed, I’m really going to streamline my items that I decided to create.  Something’s gotta give.

That feeling when someone seeks you out to do custom work or when a magazine decides to feature you…twice(!).. it’s so awesome…I love it. So it’s hard to take a break, but sometimes the hard stuff is synonymous with the right stuff and you have to just do it anyway.

So…on August 5th, I’ll be closing up shop for a couple months which means I need to clear space on my shelves for new stuff.
I want to offer 30% off everything in my shop so I can clean off the shelves a bit.

Right now I have a long trip to plan for, school plans to organize, and a house to clean. I also have some fun posts in the works as well as something I’ve been working on that I can’t wait to share.  The Happy Day Challenge is taking a little break as well. I feel like I can’t have weekly deadlines right now or I just might burst into little pieces…and self-induced deadlines are the worst, so I’m cutting some slack for my little ol’ self. 

Whew. Can you tell I’ve been thinking a lot? Do I sound super deep and serious?
Ok, so don’t forget 30% off everything in my shop til the 5th use the code SUMMER12…and how about those hydrangeas? You should know I stole them from a bush beside the clubhouse where I work out. I clipped them off with little scissors and half ran, half fast walked them back home trying to hide them with the side of my body…it wasn’t working. It was funny though…it was raining. I’m sure no one saw me right???
Happy Monday, peeps.



  1. I completely understand. Just bought a bunting before the close… whew! Just in time! I too can't wait to see what you come up with for the fall. Be obedient though if it's not the right time for a re-open, we'll understand!

  2. i've always got this feeling that you're super mom! all of your schooling projects, the etsy shop, the house projects too….you make it look sooo easy!!

    good for you for slowing down.

    and the flowers are beautiful!

  3. Totally relate to this. Three years ago I went through a big shift of all of my plate items! Tough decisions are usually the best ones! Best wishes!

  4. It made me laugh when you said you ran/walked away with the flowers. That is something I'd want to do, but probably wouldn't have the nerve. I hope you enjoy your break.

  5. Love love that you
    are LISTENING to your
    inner voice…your heart.
    Those kiddos need you
    and life is short. The
    biggest thing that I've
    learned in my life is DO
    NOT IGNORE that voice.
    When I've tried to talk
    myself around it, things
    usually are not right.

    Love and hugs,
    xo Suzanne

  6. It can be really freeing to give something up even when it all seems good and right up your alley! I too noticed a different dining table and chairs…are they new? So pretty! And maybe I just never read that post but featured twice in a magazine? All I know of is your pillows in CL! What exciting stuff am I missing? Can't wait to hear about where God is leading you next. Hope you have a great trip!

  7. i totally get this. more than you know. the hamster wheel?? yeah, i'm in one, too. phew!

    glad you are choosing to give up certain areas for the time being… that is so hard, but so right. i bet God will bless all the other areas in the meantime! plus, when you re-open, i have a feeling you will sell like never before.


  8. i hear ya, girlfriend.
    life is too short to be stressed and busy with craziness ALL.THE.TIME.
    for example…this summer.
    where has it went?
    i feel like nothing on our list is getting accomplished, yet at the same time, we are super busy.
    i, too, have a million and one ideas flowing at any given moment, but putting them into action totally overwhelms me.
    you are a leader.
    and a good one.
    your tough decisions for the good of your family encourage us that it's okay to set unimportant things aside and focus on the things that really matter.
    love you.

  9. I love weekends for those very reasons! I don't get an actual weekend (2 days off in a row on a weekend) but when I do, everything seems so right and that I'm off when most others are ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your time listening to what is in your heart and what He is leading you into…that is so exciting!
    Love your hydrangeas and your wooden box..I also just decorated with one that we found last year at a garage sale. Its on my newest blog.
    Have a wonderful beginning to your week Alicia!
    So nice to visit with you today!!

    Deborah xoxo

  10. Ya got to do what ya got to do.
    I'm SO excited for your October re-Grand Opening. You are SO good at what you do and I can't wait to benefit from it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy that sweet family of yours! Love you friend!

  11. Sounds like you are doing what is in your heart. Good for you. I will look forward to seeing your shop back up and running in the Fall.

    Funny story about the flowers! ha! They are beautiful.

    I hope you never take a blogging break. Your blog is such an inspiration to me.

    Oh, and is that a new dining room table? I love those details on the corners!

  12. I love the flowers, I would TOTALLY have done the same thing! hahahah I can picture you running away with them!

    And I echo your feelings about the etsy shop and being pulled in different directions … I feel the same way many days! =)

    You are such a good Mom to put your family first. =)

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