fine art for the privy

I was thinking it was about time for a craft project around here. I will admit, there’s been very little of that stuff going on around here. BUT a few weeks ago, we got our craft on.
The kids have their own bathroom that was looking a little boring and what’s better in a kids’ space than kid art?!
I wanted them to do something modernish and something that would match the color scheme of the bathroom. After combining some pinterest ideas and some Alicia ideas, we came up with this.
Each kid had a canvas and painted the top 80% or so blue and the bottom grey.

Then on rectangles cut from a map (the skyscrapers) they added windows with a Sharpie.

Next was ModPodging the buildings on to the canvas…then they added “clouds” using all sizes of lids for stamps. I seriously love how they turned out. I could barely wait for them to dry so I could hang them up!

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By the way…how was your weekend? Ours was full and fun. I love weekends with a good mix of accomplishments and leisure. I did some fluffing (that I’m really excited about and will share later this week…), we had dinner with friends, I pinned 10,000 ideas on Pinterest, listened to an amazing sermon on Sunday, and took a ride on the Parkway.
Look what I’m forced to look at every day!! Is it not beautiful?! I love green. I cannot believe the amount of trees here! I love it.  Also, on our Sunday drive we saw this…

…what is it? It looks like an ox or something. Like an ox-llama? Any information would be very appreciated. We were all baffled.
And I’ll leave you with this view…

Blue Ridge Parkway 4/22/12
Happy Monday! Let’s make it a good week. Our week is going to be full of appointments, farm field trips, school (3 weeks left!!), paint, projects, farmer’s marketing, and all the other stuff that we all do.  The busyness and on-going drama of life has been making me a bit of a downer lately, so I’ve been trying to look at things more with the vantage point of the “glass half full people.” I’m not always like them, but I’ve been trying to chum on their side of the lunchroom lately…are you already there or do you wanna come sit with us?  Let’s have a great week, Sweet Ones.


  1. Ox-llama! How funny! I love it. What a great idea for your kids bathroom. Hooray for pinterest jumping off ideas. Looks great. And I loved your pins over the weekend!

  2. Love your project!! I have noticed lots of pins on pintrest from this weekend, I just love all of the ideas floating around there!!

    As for the animal in your picture, it is a cow…A Red Highland cow, they originate in Scotland and do not look like the cattle we have around good old SD!

    As always, I enjoy your words and ideas!! Have a lovely week!

  3. Looks like a great weekend!
    The Blueridge Parkway is outstandingly gorgeous! How blessed to get to see that on the regular!

  4. I do the glass half empty thing too lately. I just saw the other day,
    "the glass is either half fun of water, or it's half full of air. Either way, it's full of something." LOL

  5. scottish highlander some of the leanest beef you can get. healthier than chicken!

  6. that art is seriously adorable!
    LOVE it!!!
    i hope you have a great week, sweetie…i am MAJORLY dragging this a.m. because we stayed over at a friends TOO LATE last night! oy.

    oh, and those mountains…SWOON! the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handiwork indeed! so gorgeous!

  7. WOW!! The art project turned out amazing!! I love those colorful clouds!! So fun!
    And can I please come sit on your side of the lunch room? Please? I'll give you my dessert!

  8. So, you're the cool mom who lets her kids paint right on the kitchen counters because, hey it will scrub right off… I want to be that kind of mom.

  9. what an awesome art idea!!! Love that! …and your view…yep, pretty much amazing…every time we head your way to visit the Mr.'s family I soak in as much of it as I can. Happy Monday to you too!

  10. We had a pretty good weekend too! My brother in law was here and while he was visiting we finally made it to the Airborne Museum here!
    I too pinned about 10,000 items on Pinterest….my oh my how addicting hitting that repin button can become!
    Have a Blessed Week!

  11. I was thinking it might be a yak, but they are pretty rare. May be a yak cow cross (like a bovine hybrid). But after doing some searching, I think it is a Highland cow.

    We're coming up to visit my husband's grandfather in August. We'll have to swap sites for discovering cool wildlife or scenery.

  12. Is that thing a Yak? I guess I don't actually know what Yaks look like, but that was the first thing I thought of. 🙂 Good luck finding out!

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