Alicia’s Favorite Things: Gift Ideas for HER

When I can’t think of a good gift idea for a friend, my mom, or my sister, sometimes I will walk around my house and think about things that I use and love. That’s what this list is all about: gift ideas for her that are my personal favorites. I’ve looked back over the last year and thought about the things I have used the most. Things I’ve worn, read, used in the kitchen, and things that helped my overall health and wellness and feeling good.

I hope this gift list helps you find something for someone on your gift list that she will love too!

Gift Ideas for Her: TO WEAR

  • Best Leggings for Walking, Lifting Weights, and Relaxing // I absolutely love these leggings. I’m not a “lulu” person–I hear they’re great but I just can’t justify the cost. These leggings are great for lower impact activities (I wouldn’t saying running in them) and I have bought several pair now.

Gift Ideas for Her: TO READ

  • Learning Well Journal! // If you love magazines or want to get off your phone and onto more actual pages, this magazine is for you! Subscribe for yourself or a friend now and they’ll receive the spring issue.
  • MacArthur Study Bible // I got this Bible this year and it has helped so much in my own personal Bible study. The concordance and commentary are both SO good. Plus there are lots of maps and extra study helps.
  • Book Light // I love to read at night. This helps me not keep Jarrod awake too 🙂

Homemaking Gifts

  • Favorite Bath Towels // These look so luxurious without the cost!
  • Wool Dryer Balls // I used these every single day instead of fragrance-filled dryer sheets or softener. I just put a couple drops of essential oils on for each load and the clothes come out smelling so good.
  • Oil Rack to Hang on Dryer // This little rack reminds me to add the oils to the dryer balls. It’s so handy!

In the Kitchen

We might not all love to cook but it gets a lot more fun when we outfit our kitchen with things that work really well and make things run more smoothly.

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Here are some of my favorite kitchen things:

  • Ceramic Baking Dishes // I love this dish for lasagna night, brownies and more!
  • Hearth and Hand Baking Dish // I use this every single week. I love that it is for the stovetop or the oven.
  • Hand Frother// Great for mixing that collagen into your coffee, protein powder, or just the cream in your coffee.
  • or Milk Frother/Steamer // If you want something a little extra, this is it. It steams and froths the milk for your coffee and feels just like a coffee shop latte!
  • Boiled Egg Maker// One of my kids bought this for me and I didn’t think I’d ever use it. I was wrong! I use this every couple of days and it makes the most perfect boiled eggs!
  • Rice Cooker// We make a lot of rice and this makes it perfectly every time!

For Heath, Wellness, and Feeling Good

  • Non-Smart Watch // Earlier this year, I really wanted to start keeping track of my movement and steps during the day, but I DID NOT want another smart device to enslave me!! I found a non-smart pedometer/watch that I love and wear every day now. It helps me so much to make sure I’m moving enough during the day.
  • ALL the Plants!// Some of the most beautiful plants in my house are from Amazon!
  • Sixth Scents Oils Box// I have shared about these over and over and I love them so much! You can either subscribe for the monthly box, build your own individual box, OR pick out a couple favorite oils without a box.
  • Oil Diffuser, of course!// This has been my favorite diffuser for a long time–it kicks out tons of steam and works great in a larger room, which is hard to find.
  • Oil DIY Book// I have made so many things from this book. Really helpful if you want to use more natural products and use your oils more.
  • Jo Malone Perfume// My favorite fragrance!
  • Shaker Bottle// I use one of these every single day for protein shakes. A must have!
  • Epsom Salt in a Pretty Jar// Epsom salt baths are so cleansing and detoxifying. I make sure and take one every week at least and always add in essential oils. Give a pretty jar with a bag of (fragrance free) salt for your friend to display in the bathroom. You can add a favorite essential oil for good measure 🙂

I hope this list of my favorite things was helpful! Here are some others you might like:

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