Need An Easy To Use Curriculum To Get Kids Excited About Math?

I get it. Being able to name off tricky math theorems is impressive, but where do we do the most math on an everyday-level? That’s right, while shopping! And more specifically, at the grocery store. As we shop, we’re figuring out sales and discounts, if it’s a better deal to get the bigger size or not, and how many gallons of milk we think our kids will consume that week.

With all the math we do at the grocery store, this is a great opportunity to bring our kids along and teach them some things too.

In order to do that, we need an easy to use curriculum that won’t take any prep at all. We need something our kiddo can open and start using. Common Sense Press asked if I would review the Grocery Cart Math book and after checking it out, I knew this would be simple and easy to use and that you’d want to hear about it too.

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In this review, I’ll give you a peek inside this easy to use curriculum. I’ll share our shopping trips and tips on how to get the most out of Grocery Cart Math too. Let’s get started…

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Need an easy to use curriculum to get your kids excited about math? Check out this review on Grocery Cart Math!

Grocery Cart Math: The Easy To Use Curriculum

I think we’re all looking for ways to make math more fun. I do love our Saxon math for regular math lessons, but I am always on the lookout for resources that make math applicable to regular life too.

Grocery Cart Math fits the bill for an easy to use curriculum that hones in and sharpens all the right kinds of math concepts we use every single day.

Here’s my favorite thing about it: it is so insanely simple. It’s just ONE workbook–that’s it. One short page at the beginning to explain the workbook and that is all. My least favorite thing about some curricula is that you have to spend hours–DAYS sometimes–to learn how to use it! I love curricula that is straight forward and easy to use–Grocery Cart Math is just that!

One workbook is all you’ll need–and a trip to the grocery store, of course 🙂

Why Grocery Cart Math Is So Helpful

Grocery Cart Math is so incredibly helpful for your child to learn everyday concepts he will use forever. It helps them to understand the why behind their regular math lessons.

Why is it important to know weights and measurements? Oh! So we can quickly calculate prices between sizes in the store and see which one is the better deal.

Why is greater than, less than important to know? Oh! To compare prices in the store. Makes sense!

You get the picture. It’s just real, common sense math that we all need to know about.

Each page of Grocery Cart Math covers a different math concept. You can make a copy of the page to place onto a clipboard or write directly in the workbook. Take the workbook to the grocery store with you and talk about the lesson your child will be doing before you go inside. Your child will fill in the info into the book and then when you get home, you will do the activities surrounding the info your child gathered.

Here’s what you’ll cover in this easy to use curriculum:

  • estimation
  • skip counting
  • counting money
  • addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • rounding
  • less than and greater than
  • weights and measurements

How Can You Use Grocery Cart Math?

This is such an easy to use curriculum, there are many ways you could implement it into your homeschool days, but here are a few ideas:

  • Summer learning: During the summer months, keep their skills sharp by taking Grocery Cart Math along to each grocery run.
  • Alongside your regular curriculum: feel like you need a little extra something? Work on Grocery Cart Math throughout the school year right beside your regular curriculum.
  • When you need a break: Is your regular math curriculum causing some tears and stress? Set it aside for a while. It’s OK! Just use Grocery Cart Math for a time and your child will be just fine on the math-front!

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