How to Soar at Creative Writing with Your Kids

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Creative writing is the best way to help reluctant writers become more comfortable with writing. Sometimes for the homeschool parent though, it can be hard to know how to teach creative writing. It all seems very vague and therefore, is difficult to instruct.

In this review, I am going to give you all the details of Bardsy, a creative writing resource for homeschool families. I’ll share how it works, the benefits, and most of all, how you can sample it for free!

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Creative writing doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth in your homeschool! In this review, I'll cover who Bardsy is how they can help.

How Creative Writing with Bardsy Works

Firstly, Bardsy Homeschool is an online writing curriculum designed for tweens and teens, about 5th grade and up. It’s much more than just a “course,” as it includes video lessons, writing tools, lesson plans, and loads of activities.

Bardsy includes a wide array of tools to help kids become more proficient writers.

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If your child needs help getting started or just needs some good, solid instructions, start with courses. These include videos, lessons, and completing activities to create stories. These courses help build confidence!

Creative Writing:

Bardsy’s popular Prospero Story Wizard will lead your child through the entire writing process. This is so fun and unique! This tool is also excellent at helping to analyze and critique stories in a simple, painless way.


I don’t know what to write! Who has heard that before!? Bardsy offers tons of tools to help inspire kids! Their Story Spinner is one of their most valuable tools. It offers writing prompts in a really fun and unique way.

Why You Might Love Bardsy

  • It’s flexible–you don’t have a strict lesson plan to follow, so you can work at your own pace.
  • It’s super organized and easy to use.
  • Bardsy breaks down the writing process in a way that makes writing very doable.
  • The Hot Tray feature is a dream! It helps organize your child’s writing desk, take notes, create a to do list, write journal entries, and more!
  • As a result of these features, Bardsy offers a fresh approach I haven’t seen elsewhere!

Try The Monthly Bardsy Membership

One of the really amazing things about Bardsy is that its great for the whole family AND it’s really affordable.

Only $8.99 month for access to all writing tools, video courses, & lesson plans.

Don’t love it? No problem. Cancel anytime.

Get Free Creative Writing Tools Here:

Bardsy Homeschool believes that creative writing supercharges every academic skill.

Storytelling isn’t extra-curricular, it’s trans-curricular. It not only bolsters your learner’s ability to absorb, process, retain and retrieve information across disciplines, it also increases their tenacity while tackling complex material, subject-specific vocabulary, and new concepts. Creative writing has even been proven to raise math and science performance.

The Bardsy Homeschool Method breaks storytelling down into two complementary steps: develop and assemble. This method is woven into their online tools to minimize struggle and make writing accessible and fun. Now, you can see this method in action with their online Super Character Toolkit. 

Download Bardsy’s Homeschool Super Character Kit and get started on your story today!

This comprehensive kit includes:

  • Create a Super Character Lesson Plan and Activity
  • Bardsy’s Super Character Video Course – Part 1
  • Three Extensive Character Building Templates

Learn More About Bardsy + Creative Writing:

Explore more about Bardsy Homeschool by visiting their website. In addition, you can connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Creative writing doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth in your homeschool! In this review, I'll cover who Bardsy is how they can help.

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