Want to Know How to Finish Your Homeschool Year Strong? Kindred Online Homeschool Conference Available Now!

It’s right about this time of year when it feels like we will never finish our homeschool year well and we want to throw in the towel, right?! February is hard!! Having homeschooled for a while, my Kindred friends and I took that fact into account when we planned the Winter Kindred Online Conference.

The winter conference last weekend was our third online conference. Kindred Collective was founded in 2018 when some friends and I decided to join forces and try to reach a whole bunch of homeschool mamas all at once via online conference. The first conference took place in March 2019 and then again in June of 2019.

Our time together this winter was so good—so powerful, and so needed! I walked away feeling filled to the brim by all the encouragement from the attendees and the Kindred Team.

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If you're having trouble finishing your homeschool year strong, check out the Kindred Online Conference. You'll gain the encouragement to finish strong!

Kindred Online Homeschool Conference Winter 2020

If you missed it and would like to listen in, you’re in luck! The replay videos and handout materials are all available for you now.

You can also check out our past conferences too!

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Winter Kindred Online Conference Topics

The Kindred Team and I worked really hard this winter to bring you topics, ideas, and encouragement that would really help you finish this homeschool year strong! Here are the topics we talked about:

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Reading aloud is arguably the single most important homeschool activity.  As Dr. Seuss once famously wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

In this session, Cait addresses why you should make read-alouds a priority in your homeschool. She discusses the power of reading aloud in terms of academics and family relationships. She shares actionable strategies for creating a literature-rich environment, how to create a family culture of reading, and how to instill a lifelong love of books. Cait shares practical tips on how to read-aloud during tricky homeschool seasons, how to make the most of your library card, how to cover all the academic bases through read-alouds, how to read-aloud to busy kids, how to encourage children to read outside their comfort zones, why you should read aloud into the teen years, and where to find the best books. Plus, she touches upon how to create simple extension activities and document it all for the homeschool powers that be.

Cait’s goal is to help you create a powerful, yet simple, read-aloud routine that works for your unique family. Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones. Get ready to jumpstart your read-aloud routine and experience more joy in your homeschool today.



At some point most homeschool moms will experience the feeling of wanting to quit. You feel like you’re doing it all wrong or that you had no idea what you were doing to begin with. Sometimes, as the newness of homeschooling wears off and the kids get older, middle school and especially high school scare us into sending our kids back to public school. 

We feel we aren’t equipped. We feel we’re failing our kids. So, we want to quit. 

In Alicia’s session, she takes some of the wisdom she’s gained over 13 years of homeschooling and a little help from Mister Rogers to share about homeschooling’s long game. Why homeschooling isn’t about the here and now, but the entire picture…and it’s a big, beautiful picture. 

By the end of this session, Alicia promises you renewed motivation, purpose, and the courage to press on. You’ve got it in you to keep going and she’ll give you the why and the practical methods to do just that. 



In some homeschooling circles these days, there seems to be an increase in the pressure to make school fun every day. And while most of us want to have fun in our homeschools, the pressure to have fun might actually be causing you to miss out on the delightful uniqueness of your own homeschool. 

Mary gets real about the times when schoolwork isn’t fun even in the most delight-filled homes. But don’t worry, she’s got some tips that will help you navigate the homeschooling situations when kids “just want to get school done” and thwart your attempts at making it fun. (That’s right mom, you aren’t alone!) 

Her goal is for you to embrace YOU and YOUR kids regardless of what is working for everyone else. She wants you to find ways to discover what makes your family unique and promises that delight doesn’t have to cupcakes, crafts, or special decorations every day. She’s got plenty of suggestions that will help you bring joy and delight to your homeschooling lifestyle while accepting that sometimes “school isn’t fun.”



Winter can be such a hard time in homeschooling. We can’t get outside as much, and many of us feel a little blue, or get anxious that we aren’t doing enough.

In her talk, Kara shares strategies for homeschooling through a rough season (literally and figuratively), and self-care strategies for busy homeschool moms. 

She shows you that taking good care of yourself is not selfish, and in fact, it’s an investment that will pay dividends in your homeschool and beyond.

Don’t worry – she’s not going to tell you that you need to go get a pedicure (although you can if you want to!) 

Instead, Kara gives some practical tips for taking care of you, so you can show up each morning and enjoy your time with your kids.

Is Managing Multiples a Struggle in Your Home?

NEW this conference: the Kindred Team wrote an ebook all about managing multiples!

We each wrote a section about how we approach managing all the things. This book is FULL of stories, tips, ideas, recipes and more!


More Kindred Online Conferences coming your way!

We are already planning ahead to another summer planning conference and more fun ways to connect with you this summer and fall! I cannot wait!!

If you want to be the first to know about conference updates, get on our Kindred Collective email list HERE!

The online conference replay videos are on sale for a short time, so head over and check them out now!

If you were at the Kindred online conference, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you walked away with! Let me know in the comments!

If you're having trouble finishing your homeschool year strong, check out the Kindred Online Conference. You'll gain the encouragement to finish strong!

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