38 Weeks and What’s in my Bag…

I’m officially 38 weeks TODAY, folks! Cannot believe it. I shouldn’t be so shocked at how quickly your body falls apart at the end of almost 10 months of carrying around a little human and I shouldn’t be so shocked at how the time has flown, but I am! This pregnancy has been hard on my body. I know it’s typical and this is the last time I’m probably do this, so I can grin and bear it till the 16th or so, but I’m not going to lie…it’ll be a good thing to feel my ribs again, see my feet, and walk forward instead of waddle side to side. Yes, there’s something great about getting your body back and finally holding your baby with your arms instead of your leg and hip muscles.
As always, there’s a thousand things to do to prepare…grandma will be here Friday, I have to get the car seat out of the box, and other miscellaneous little things.  One thing that’s ready though is the hospital bag. Yay! I packed yesterday and I feel like I can rest easy that if I happen to go into labor I’ll have my own toothbrush. I only packed what I thought I’d really use and need. So much of the time, I pack a whole bunch of extra stuff that I didn’t really need.
So here’s what’s in the bag…
I have my camera battery charger, I’ll have my camera, phone, phone charger, and that cute Intax that take credit card sized pics. I have loved using it for my baby Smash book. It’s just fun.

For baby I know the hospital send you home with all kinds of stuff…including diapers, so I’m not bringing those. But I do have it’s take-home outfit ready with a little hat and special blanket from a friend. Also, the carseat…but that won’t be in the bag. :)

A few weeks ago, my mom sent a whole bag of things for Jarrod to take with to the hospital. I thought, “how smart!” There’s everything he would need…snacks, body spray, mouthwash and toothbrush, gum, chapstick, notebook.  He’s all set. My mom’s real sweet like that.

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For me: I’ve got all my bathroom stuff, lotion, deodorant, a little make-up. Also I have a few pairs of pj’s so I don’t have to wear hospital gowns the whole time and a going-home outfit…two actually. A comfy one and a cute one, depending on my mood. Pretty sure I’m going to go for the cute one though.
Another thing I’m going to do is load a special playlist to my phone for delivery. I’ve heard from friends that its really distracting to focus on the music…we’ll see. 😉
So that’s done!! Now all I need is a granny and I’m hittin’ the road!!
PS: Someone ask me where I got the typewriter I used for THIS party…but they didn’t leave their name and the comment was anonymous.  To answer: it’s not mine! But my friend found it at Goodwill. I’ve seen them there several times…happy hunting!!

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  1. can not believe that you are 38 weeks!!!!! SQUEAL!

    that baby bundle will be here before you know it….
    my poor body would collapse if it was pregnant right now…so many aches and pains without pregnancy!

    You've been a trooper…so proud of you!
    looks like you guys have a plan…thank GOD your mom is on her way….how thoughtful of her to send your man his own treat bag to take to the hospital.

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