You know when you have those weeks where you just want it to be Friday and it just seems to drag on???
Well I want one of those weeks. Bad.
Time is flying by at an incredible rate lately! My hair’s blowing back and this seriously pregnant mama is waddling along to keep up.
It’s all good stuff though, making the time fly by…mostly good.
Yes, good stuff.
Kandinsky’s Centric Circles was on our lesson plan for art this week. Very simple project and very fun. Just water colors and oil pastels. Pretty much a lot of fun.
{Granny’s Coming!}
My mom will be here NEXT FRIDAY!! (so hang on til then baby, ya’hear??) I just can’t believe how fast that’s snuck up on us. I know that with Easter, a ton of appointments next week, and school I’d have to be thinking ahead and getting things done early.

So I put together this Gram-packet…I don’t know when I’ll go into labor so I wanted to be able to leave to the hospital without worrying about Sophie missing her ballet photos or the boys missing their last day of co-op classes. I printed off maps, our schedule, and a list of fun things we want to do with her while she’s here. I had to add a little fun with some washi tap. Obvs.
And then to make her feel at home…
…all her faves: a coffee mug…she drinks coffee like its running through her veins…licorice nibs, crossword puzzle, and gardening reading material. She just needs to add her sweet granny glasses and we’re golden.
{Bed Rest School}
No, I’m not on bed rest…but having school this week in my room, the kids making their desks here and there around the room…just seemed easier on my dumb sciatic nerve that’s been giving me horrible fits. Sitting is hard…laying or standing is better, but standing means swollen ankles. Gosh, I’m a piece of work.

{Love Mail}
I’ve gotten some super super sweet packages in the mail this week, including this scrummy blankie that will be swaddling my babe home from the hospital. I can’t wait to show off our little make-shift nursery we’ve put together. I have to hang one more thing, then you can see. We are so darn excited to just add the baby to complete it…but not til a little later, ya’hear, baby????

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{Easter Happenings}
Somehow Easter is THIS weekend. I put together one community basket for all three kids this year. One. I don’t have a clue where their baskets are. Two. I don’t want to make a big dealio out of gifts and candy. I got each one a CD. I got a couple outside things to play: Play-Doh and sidewalk chalk. And I got Miss Potter for everyone. Have you ever seen this movie?! Oh my…love it. It’s about Beatrix Potter…pretty fitting for the whole “bunny” thing. Anyway, it’s just one of those sweet movies you love. So it’s in their basket for me them.

{Projects Projects Projects}
We made lungs out of paper bags because that’s just neat. Also a diaphragm from an empty bottle…also extremely neato. The boys worked on their derby cars!!! So exciting! They handed them in this week and NEXT WEEK is the big race!! 

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Alright. That’s enough randomness for one bit. Not that there’s any other theme to my life….
Happy Easter weekend to you!


  1. i'm not just saying this….you're a rockstar homeschool mom.

    you're 47 months pregnant and you've still given so much thought to the details of your school days. Not only that, but you've already started planning next year.
    very impressed. 🙂

    okay…you're not 47 months pregnant, but I ALWAYS felt like it had been that long by the time I reached 38 weeks. 🙂

  2. i am seriously amazed by all you do. really. it;'s almost annoying but i like you too much to be annoyed : ) i don't remember ever even hearing about that movie but now i'm gonna try and find it this weekend because i like to get one movie for them together at easter. thanks for the tip. and the sciatic nerve? ugh i have that pregnant and non-pregnant. yuck. hang in there, mama!

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