31 Wishes

My thirtieth year proved to be a challenging one for me…us. 

My aunt once told me that its when you turn 30 that crazy stuff starts happening in your life and around you.  As weird as I thought that statement was, she was right. Friends have divorced and people have done things I would have never guessed them doing. We personally have gone through huge challenges on our own.  Not exactly the year I thought we’d have, as bright as the future looked on my 30th birthday.

Now as much as this last year has stretched me and pulled me until I’ve been nearly ripped in two, I haven’t…I survived.
I’ve learned a lot and I’ve opened a whole new can of things to figure out.
I’ve had lessons in contentment and carried another human being into this world.
I’ve realized I can be pickier about certain things and find a balance of contentment and ambition.
I’ve learned that some things need to wait and some things are to enjoy right now.
I’ve learned about a new way to eat and although its annoying, it makes you feel really good.

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Even though there are always blessings and lessons learned, I’m still wishing for more and more, like a true human.  And although I hope that I’m not totally jinxing myself by speaking my wishes out loud, I would like to share 31 wishes for my 31st year.

1. A successful homeschool year this year even with an infant.
2. Wisdom for training a middle-schooler!!
3. To be a better friend; remember birthdays, send cards, be available.
4. Learn the balance of when to fight for things and when to let it go.
5. Daily remembering that this too shall pass.
6. To hit my stride as a mama to a middle-schooler, a little lover, a little mother, and a peanut.
7. For regular pedicures…starting today.
8. To come to terms with my personal spiritual walk; not worrying what other people are doing, what they say, but to make this walk my very own regardless of others’ interpretations.
9. To finally feel at home and to be happy with the walk between now and then.
10. Travel…to DC
11. to Savannah
12. to Charleston again.
13. Remember daily to not apologize for the way I feel, but to be open to growing and evolving all the same.
14. To lose these last baby pounds and then some
15. Whilst eating what I want and not exercising.
16. Care more.
17. Complain less.
18. Give away everything in my closet
19. and buy a new wardrobe.
20. That my brother’s new business would thrive
21. And my sister’s new marriage will too.
22. Listen.
23. Meditate on His word without adding to it.
24. To trust in the uncertainty.
25. To not be afraid.
26. Be more thoughtful.
27. Focus on my marriage more.
28. That Vera would fall into a regular schedule (preferably one where she sleeps 13 hours per night.)
29. For my hair to grown 6 inches (this month).
30. And to never go to Walmart ever again.
31. And for this life of mine to be a legacy for my kids, for my friends, for my husband. I wish to grow old with lifetime of happiness and wisdom to show for it.

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And let the celebration commence.


  1. You precious girl. I don't even remember 31 that much, which is so weird because it was a year that the bottom dropped out of my closes girlfriend group and the whole thing imploded into one awful messy breakup. I spent so much of that year questioning and crying and overthinking… and now, seven years later, I can't really remember many of the details that were so badly breaking my heart. I was deep in the pit but because of forgiveness I just let it go. Gosh I haven't thought about that whole thing in years. Thank you GOD for getting us through the hard years and making them a fuzzy memory!

  2. Yes to #14 & #15 need to happen cause I just don't have it in me to care too much any more… You must go to Savannah. It's a must. And I want to take care of my nails and preferably my face as often as possible. It's the little things ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you young sister friend.

  3. Happy Birthday! I am just a few weeks older than you! ๐Ÿ™‚ You've got some wonderful wishes. I really feel like the last year has been a major time of growth and maturity. Good luck to you!

  4. lets start with how shocked I am that I am 9 years older than you.
    it stinks when you feel like you look as young as someone else, and then you find out that they're 31, and you just know that you've been lying to yourself…that there's no possible way you look 9 years younger than you are. {loooooooong sigh}

    okay…I'm all better now.
    i love everything on your list.
    especially your plans to travel to DC. do it.
    and your plans to never go to walmart again. let me know if you succeed. i want to boycott them, too. i'm down to just a few items that i buy there.

    loving your plans to focus on your marriage more…it's the most important relationship we have outside of Jesus…we should all focus on them as much as humanly possible.

    you're awesome.

  5. haha – after i chopped off all my hair when sage was born i literally obsessed over ways to make it grow. yours is looking longer already. i just know it. ; )

    #23 – AMEN. me too girl.

    hope you have felt very loved and celebrated today.


  6. I turned 60 last year and wanted to do a similar post to this … but never got to it. Darn. 61 doesn't have the same ring.

    You have faced a lot for your young 30 years. Many blessings on this year, Alicia.


  7. i love your list! i have been working on one a bot like this too but… i keep having a mental block : ) I just turned 40… FORTY! craziness of a whole, other kind has now begun….
    Happy Birthday friend!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!! Mine was the 15th, though this is the last year in my 30s. And yes, my 30s have been crazy! But they have also been full of so much awesome (and growing up) that I'd never go back to my 20s even if I could.

    Hope you enjoy these years & that you're able to mark off every single one of those wishes off your list! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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