WEEKENDING (and a firmoo glasses giveaway)

If I could get a heavy duty temporary tattoo for summer, it would be of an ice cream cone bannered in the words “slow down.”  This has always been my summer mantra and it hasn’t always rang true for my summers, but this summer, we’re slow rocking on the back porch with iced tea like a boss over here. 

Here was our weekend with a whole lot of little things rolling up into one big, happy slow down party–and it was a pretty darn good time.
The ice cream man.
He’s pretty much a god in our neighborhood.  Kids’ little sonar ears can hear his merry tune from no less than a mile away.  They run screaming for money, “NORMAN’S COMING! NORMAN’S COMING!”
We always say yes–even if it’s right before dinner–because in the whole scheme of life, a spoiled dinner doesn’t really matter when you never know when it’ll be the last Norman-call of the year.  So yes, the answer is yes to Norman.

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Poolside posts.

This is where we belong every afternoon.  We moms chase after toddling walkers and pass out soon-to-be-soggy snacks and rate handstands.  They dive for sticks, lounge in strollers, and perfect their swan dives.  It’s slow.  It’s pure summer.

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The top knot kills me.  Forever.

Saturday night concerts in the park.

Yes, it was four retired guys and yes, our friends and us were the youngest in the audience by 40 years, but the fact that it was pretty much Margaritaville on repeat plus Golden Hour made it a dang fine evening.  Finish it off with neighbor-mama late night chats and impromptu kiddie movie nights and you’ve got yourself the perfect slow summer Saturday night.  Perfection.

The outdoorsy photos of me in my sunglasses make me smile.  I never have nice sunglasses.  Never.  I’m much too careless and spasmodic to keep sunglasses looking nice and unscratched.  BUT Firmoo.com offered me a pair to review, and I can say I love these glasses.  I’ve managed to wear them and schlep them around with me in my bag for about a month and a half and they are still in perfect condition.  Since they come with a sturdy (and stylish) case with cleaning cloth, I have no excuse to mindlessly throw them in my purse.  I feel so grown up! You’ll have a chance to get yourself a voucher for Firmoo.com too–details below.

Dollhouse decorating.
We are slowly but surely adding cutesy touches to Sophie’s dollhouse she got for Christmas.  It’s almost too much sweetness to bear, but we’ll try to muster up some photos of our progress as we get farther along.  Until then, here are the freshly wallpapered and curtained bedroom (above) and the new rug in the dining room with a still-warm chocolate cake (below).

Tonight, after our full but laid back weekend,  we went out for dinner and browsed Barnes and Noble afterwards.  After baths and bed, I sketched out my plan for the week–which includes Art Week, an art project for every day this week (!!!) washing slipcovers, cleaning baths, and more school planning.  Sunday nights are what we need to regroup, refresh, and get ready for Monday, right? What’s on your docket for the week?
Before you go, sign up below to win a $30 gift voucher to Firmoo.com and get yourself some fab sunglasses for summer.  The glasses are great quality and if that’s not enough, they offer your first pair of frames for free when you order prescription lenses.  Just leave a comment below and I’ll choose FIVE winners on Friday! 

Happy new week, summer-lovers.


  1. The joys of summer!! Love you guys are doing so well out East – love that you can sit outside and not get hauled away by the nasty mosquitos!!! Love the sunglasses!!

  2. I miss the ice cream man! We just got back from Badlands, Wall Drug and some other fun adventures- thought of you!

  3. We too are in total slow down mode…though I struggle between feeling good that it's intentional and feeling trapped by baby girl's very solid afternoon nap (we can't go anywhere). Thanks for the encouragement girl.

  4. What a delightful weekend! Those girls with their ice cream truck treats- beyond cute! And you're looking pretty adorable yourself in your new shades!

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