Two Weeks of Friday Favorites

A double whammy compilation of Friday favorite things. Two weeks worth of terrific tidbits around these parts. These parts meaning my four walls…I don’t leave. I have four kids.

I watched the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby. It was surprisingly really good. I say that because I don’t always love old movies and I really wanted this one to be good. And it was. I thought the casting was terrific. But I wasn’t too sure about Mia Farrow. Kinda weird. She was weird. I don’t know. I can’t wait to see the new version too!

I’ve told you I’m switching and tweaking some things in our townhouse and I thought for a long time our desk needed to be smaller. A couple weekends ago we made a spur of the moment decision to go get the one I had my eye on at IKEA. I love it and love how it looks size-wise in our space. More on that when I get it all done….

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Sissy pants and I have been doing some pretty amazing crafts from her craft of the month boxes. We’ve been doing some reallllly fun fairy projects. Here’s a sneak peek at her fairy shoes we made. 

Breakfast with neighbor friends that turned into a candlelit breakfast when the power went out. Still super fun. 

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I got tickets!! Serious bucket list material here: Mumford & Sons tickets!!!!!!!!! I am very very pleased about this. Very.
This salad!! Its spring lettuce, apples, bacon, chicken, and pecans with a balsamic/garlic/olive oil dressing that was so good I almost died. Not even kidding.  You can find the recipe HERE. 

Last night we went blueberry picking. It was gorgeous. Definitely summer bucket list item achieved here. We have enough blueberries to last for at least two breakfasts now. The colors they are on the bushes….amazing. All shades of purple and blue.

This we was full…I guess they all are. I completed a plate wall I’ve been afraid of doing and it looks good! Pictures to come. Also, we’re having an impromptu tea party. Impromptu, as in we decided Tuesday…that’s pretty spur of the moment for this planner. I need more time than that….but we’re going with it. Better go get set up!

Alright, lovelies, have a fabulous Friday and an even more fabulous weekend! Woo hoo!!

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  1. Love your new desk space! Your home looks like such an inviting place. I've so enjoyed getting to "know" you through your blog.

    And now I'm going to have to read that book and watch the movie. Never heard of it before!

  2. LOVE the old Gatsby. I have no desire to the the new….Gatsby will forever in my mind be Robert Redford. He is so Brad Pittish in this movie. Mia has always been weird to me since I saw her movie Rosemary's Baby….weird weird movie!! Yeah for the new desk and I love the fairy shoes. I can't wait to try your salad. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. LOVE the mumford and sons….lucky ducky:) enjoy it all
    and this post speaks of happy hearts. good to hear. girl….

  4. Love your candlelight neighbor breakfast; sounds delightful. Also, jealous about Mumford and Sons; sounds like a wonderful evening is to be had!

  5. Now I am going to see the old one since I have seen. The new one her, thanks for sharing 🙂 and I love your computer desk, you have inspired me to go to ikea!

  6. YEAH!!!!! I've been meaning to ask if you ever got the email about the concert. Woo hoo!!! So fun! I'll fly right over so I can watch the kids.

    You guys are having SO MUCH FUN over in your neck of the woods! You are an amazing momma- and don't you forget it.

    Love you!

  7. We have the matching dressers to your computer cabinet. We live in a townhome as well so our room is a bit small. They really fit perfectly.

    What a sweet idea…neighbor friends for breakfast! You are such a good mama!

  8. The new Gatsby is SO GOOD. I loved it, but I'm a little bias because I love Leo. I haven't seen the old one, but I want to. LOVE the chair and your new desk! JEALOUS of the mumford tickets!

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