Tea Time: An Impromptu Summer Celebration

I don’t think its any secret that I am a planner-type person. We planner people understand that “impromptu” is not a word greatly used in our vocabulary.  We use words like “list” and “preparation” and “graph” and “chart.” But summer calls for a little spontaneity and when your girl has asked for a tea time with her girls all summer, you better just do it because summers tend to end quicker than you’d like most of the time.
So, you are cordially invited to our summer backyard tea….(and we promise it won’t feel like we whipped it up in two days) 
Luckily we have had a tea party before, so the cups were at the ready. The scrappy banner was made for another party I had and everything else was just around. All the goodies were store-bought (we won’t talk about my one attempt at being all Martha with the chocolate covered strawberries…we settled for just regular strawberries)

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 I sloshed around in my backyard, coffee in hand at 7am dragging out doilies and chairs. The perfect fog had settled there during the wee hours and I couldn’t help but think how perfect it made it feel, almost like a real English tea with fog and everything.


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As the girls arrived in their teatime best, I sent them over to the hat-making station. With a little adult help they glued silk flowers to their paper plate and bowl hats and tied them on with ribbons. No tea is complete without a proper hat.

After their tea and crumpets, the girls played Duck Duck Goose in the grass and Fancy Freeze Tag (where you “freeze” in fancy poses) and then they had a simple scavenger hunt of finding packages of tea the boys had hid in the grass early in the morning.

I love that a few of the mamas stuck around and joined in the girlie fun. We swaddled babies and shared the mama obligations of glue guns, clean up, and picture taking. 

Last week was ridiculously packed with projects, painting, hanging stuff, organizing, appointments, cars in the shop, plate walls, and blueberry picking. But we crammed in one more thing: a little tea party that I hope my girl will remember. Being a mom comes with the responsibility of spinning six plates at once sometimes, but I know it will be worth it.  We’re hoping for a  little quieter week, but we’re still thinking about our summer tea. 
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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.
    What a blessing of a momma you are! Your Sophie will remember this special morning forever in the depths of her childhood memories.
    You do know you rock this mom gig, right?
    Love you!

  2. WEll aren't you the fun one. You are such a good mama. She will totally remember this and everything sounded perfect. The food looked delish too… and I get ya on the planning thing. I am SO that way. We're like peas and carrots. 🙂

    Also, I know I had an email from you in my inbox and I meant to respond to it last night… I have a stupid inbox that is hiding all my emails and it's driving me nuts. So I'll respond to you soon and give you the update. It's crappy though so are you sure you really want to know? LOL

  3. that pic of you and vera?
    HELLO! gorgeous mama!
    now, i don't want to hear any negative talk about yourself anymore, mkay?
    because YOU are wonderful, doing such fun, spontaneous things with your darlings!
    what a fun FUN day!
    you're a rad mom. THEEE END.

  4. How lovely! I still remember the tea parties my dear friend's mother hosted for us growing up. They were magical! Good attitude, Mama and something your sweet daughter will always treasure (the party and the Mama enthusiasm). 🙂

  5. Now that I re-read your post, I see that they girls MADE the flowered hats! I missed that the first time. Such a clever idea and inexpensive, too!

  6. So fun! They look beautiful and I'm sure they all had a great time. Where did you get all the hats to match? And, where do you find all your gorgeous vintage fabrics for things like the banner, table cloth, etc.

  7. such a great idea to make the hats that way! So cute and affordable! Thanks for sharing! Me and my girls LOVE tea parties! wish I had this hat idea when I threw a tea party for my daughter a few years ago. Next time!!

  8. This is one of the sweetest things i have ever seen! You are SuperMom….you know that right? I LOVE the photo of you holding Vera with the light streaming across your eyes…a very perfect mommy moment!

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