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Has anyone else’s life been crazy these first weeks of September? Appointments, classes, activities, field trips…there’s been a lot. Today we’re doing nothing but school. We’re not going anywhere. I love that. Maybe we’ll get crazy and bake cookies!

Anyway, here’s a few little Thursday things that I thought I should share.

I have a whole buncha beach pics I want to show you, but I just have not been at the computer to post them. Beach pics…coming soon!

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The boys are both doing Boy Scouts this year. Cub Scouts to be more accurate. Jack is a Wolf. Noah is a Webelo…I have no idea what a Webelo is.  But seriously, these little boys in their little uni’s are just about enough to make me melt into the floor…cute!  I can barely stand it!! Not only the uniforms, but the cute boy-stuff they do…like last week they learned to tie knots. They learned how to fold a flag.  Soon they’re going camping.  Then they’re going to spend the night on a WWII battle ship!! I’m mean, there’s a lot of blogging material here and I won’t be there for most of it. Their daddy takes them to Scouts and will be joining them on the trips. I’ll have to send my camera….

And one more thing…my little temporary townhouse is being featured today at Life Made Lovely blog! It’ll be HERE sometime today…go see!
Time for class and I’m still in the teacher’s lounge!! EEK!! Better get goin’!

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  1. woman, you are amazing. i love your casual style. so many wonderful things are happening for you and your family.. so happy to follow along! xoxo

  2. Bravo to you for being able to keep up with your blog during school. lol. I am finding it someone what difficult, but lets be honest…my boys education comes first and foremost:) Can't wait to go see your townhouse tour…on my way

  3. You aren't joking about a busy start to September.
    I just looked at the calendar and between Bud's work and other extracurricular activities we don't have a free weekend until NOVEMBER at this point!
    We are working on plans to visit Asheville in November though so I have something to look forward to!!!

    Have a Blessed Week!

  4. Can't wait to tour your house what a thrill, and I can hear your class getting rowdy with no teacher put down the muffin and hit the books!
    Have a great day!

  5. Great Thursday things! Someone just asked me if we were doing Cub Scouts yesterday and your boys look so cute….yay on your home tour! That photo of you by the door looks right out of a magazine!

  6. teachers lounge…HA! 🙂
    i was right there with ya!
    you are so cute!
    have a wonderful day at home…it's dreary here, so it's easy to relax right in and sip coffee all day.
    i love days like this. 🙂

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