The Perfect Depiction

Saturday marked a monumental event in our home: Sophie ditched her training wheels.
She’s been asking for weeks now and I finally found a few minutes to get to it with her.
We had a few practice rounds in the grass, but girlfriend was so ready. It was like I didn’t even need to be there. She just flew like she was born to ride a two-wheeler.
After about thirty minutes of riding around our parking area I asked her if she would join me for a run. But she had to be certain she wanted to go because I wanted to run 3 miles and she better be able to keep up.
She could.
As I was running (struggling to keep up with her), I realized what a perfect depiction of my daughter this site I was seeing was.
Dirty feet
Sun freckles out
Crooked knee pads (because she had to do it herself)
Cracking a joke every five minutes…”Mom!! I saw a snake!!! Juuuust kidding.”
Declining offers for a rest…
…all in a skirt and perfectly matched top.
My daughter.

Me: Sophie, don’t you feel so BIG now???  Sophie: NO! I feel so COOL!!


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