The Good Stuff

Here’s a post about all the good stuff I’ve got goin’ on right now.  Ready? Ok.

Last week contained not only mice, but a highlight of my whole life: Mumford. And. Sons.  TOTAL bucket list concert that honestly I never thought I’d see.  The tickets sell out in .2 seconds, but somehow I got two.  Glory.

Seriously it was beyond amazing.

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Also good: we put Vera in a little tiny cart.  Putting babies into little things is funny.  Good stuff.

I WON a spot in Jeanne Oliver’s new ecourse coming up, Home for the Holidays. It looks so good! Can’t wait for it to start!

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Fall. Everybody knows how good this is.

Spa day.  Even if its a spa where you sit in your neighbors sidewalk and little girls stick stems of lavender between your toes, its still good.  Because we laughed till our sides ached and got mini backrubs.

WEDDING PLANNING!! My sister’s wedding is next week!! I have no idea how this happened. I’m feeling better about this time flying by because I finished the banners she asked to me make last night, so I feel like I’m not SO stressed.  She asked me to make these banners like four months ago…procrastinate much!? I’ve been watching hair tutorials and reading up on how to travel via aircraft with a baby.  Also, I am still in need of some shoes for my dress. I also want to try faux lashes. Has any of you used them?? What brand would you suggest?? And can I get them at Ulta at short notice??? Thank you for your cooperation.  Also, here’s my dress:

 What’s cuter than two little sisters all matchy matchy?? Not much. Oshkosh, you are awesome.

A serious, business meeting-type conversation with my bestie this week has left me feeling inspired and rejuvenated to be more scheduled. I am a very scheduled person, but really since last April when Vera was born we haven’t had a regular schedule. Even with school starting, things still feel a little out of control. Do you have that friend that will really get down to business with you when you have problems?? The kind of friend that fills your toolbox with loads of tools to use.  Those friends are wonderful.  I ended our conversation with a ton of inspiration to make our mornings go smoother and the older kids more scheduled.  Its been so good this week.  I’ll share more later….
Alrighty, I better stay on schedule myself and get to class. I have 8 minutes to get dressed and be at my table or I don’t get to have outside privileges today! See ya!


  1. Adorable dress! Emily from JDC did a post or part of a post about faux lashes if you want to check out what she has to say about them.

  2. Love reading your Good Stuff list. That dress is AMAZING, nice choice girlfriend! I feel like our schedule has never gotten back on track since our little getaway and it is really bugging me. Monday we start back to business. You look adorable and so happy in that top pic and I love the new header. Have a blessed day.

  3. I just bought fake lashes for the wedding. I would suggest wearing them before because they're a little annoying if you dont know what they feel like. I cant remember the brand, but I got them at target. They were in a black box with green writing that said "Natural." I'll check on the brand. Wishing your sister a happy wedding week– it will be an awesome day for BOTH of us! 🙂

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