I’m not trying to be a complainer, I’m really not.  I want to write posts about happy stuff, like art projects and fun…but you guys are never going to believe this.  Remember last week when I told you we found a mouse on the first day of school? Yaaaaa, about that.  We’ve taken this whole mouse thing to a whole new level. Read: exterminator, nice little hole in the exterior of the house welcoming the little gross varmints inside, countless traps everywhere in my house, body count: 5, and a petrified 5-year-old that won’t sleep alone anymore.  It was a hard week, and I won’t even go into the part where I had to deal with the completely rude HOA guy who obviously has never crossed paths with a mama of four with a mice-infestation problem.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
We need a fresh start, you guys.
We started yesterday.

There’s only about 5,000 orchards to choose from and yesterday, Grandad’s it was.  Aside from the obvious apple picking, we rode the cow train, ate NC signature BBQ and cinnamon donuts, and pet the goats and llama.
She was speechless.

Like really speechless.
This weekend was the perfect mix of productivity and list-crossing-off activities and relaxation and fun.  We got gas and groceries and filled our shopping cart with mums and a cinnamon broom (man does my front door smell divine!!). Jarrod did some work outside and washed his car.  I cleaned off the front stoop and the back stoop and hung a fall wreath on the door and lit my new fall candle.  Also there was a movie night and apple picking and candy cigs.

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There were some definite highlights last week, but I need a fresh start this week.  I’m totally over mice.  OVER THEM!  And I’m ready for some normal.  There’s still traps all over my house to catch any that the pest control didn’t and I’m still slightly freaked out in my kitchen, but seriously this needs to be a better week.  I’m determined to rock this week out.
So naturally, I made a Monday list:
1. Go to bed by 10 every night this week.
2. Get up before the kids.
3. Finish a project that’s been hanging over my head.
4. Drink a bottle of water before lunch.
5. Cook dinner and not be afraid.

 Our appling turned into a country drive which turned into a little jaunt around Chimney Rock village.  Sometimes its fun to feel like a tourist in your own area. We walked around on the streets and poked about in shops. We looked through the telescope at Chimney Rock.  I bought the kids candy cigarettes.  Yep, I did.  Because we have mice and you just do stuff like buy your kids fake cigs when you have mice. 

We got into the car after our mini adventure a little sweaty, but satisfied with a feeling of fresh for the new week coming.  I am really going to focus on going to bed earlier this week and getting up earlier. Everything just seems better when you get adequate sleep, right? Even when you have mice! (I say this, but I’m really hoping we don’t have any more.  Last kill was Thursday and we haven’t seen any “evidence” of any more…so let’s hope they’re gone!!)

Here’s to fresh new weeks.


  1. What a fun filled weekend and it sounds like it couldn't have come at a better time! Can I just say- I love Sophia's hair. Its always adorable!

  2. THIS is what families need! there is so much pressure to blah but this..THIS brings peace. a deep heart satisfaction.
    the post just made me smile. wishing i could give you an older momma hug:) xo

  3. I'm sure there are some people wondering what the big deal is about mice but GIRL I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! A few years ago after moving into our current home hubby was gone on a business trip to Liberia & thankfully his sisters were here with me because one night we killed 4 baby mice! I had caught the momma the day before & I guess they started getting hungry & came out. That fall we caught/killed 12. I was about to go insane. it seemed that each time i'd clean my kitchen & then the next morning i'd open & a drawer & you know what was in there. I couldn't explain to people about how I felt but i was feeling a bit insane & violated! each fall since then we've had pest control come & fill up 2 of those ugly black boxes with 2 bars of poison each. They are ugly but I'll gladly have them setting around if it keeps the varmints at bay. It really has helped. I think each winter/fall we might get only 1 or so. And what makes me happy is I think each time the boxes are pretty much empty so I know they work. Also we have a cat this year so crossing my fingers that she does some work around here! Have a great week! And yes early bedtime makes a world of difference for the mamas 🙂

  4. I also live NC, in the foothills region. For 16+years, every late Summer just as the weather is starting to turn Fall-ish, I get mice. Usually 2 or 3. We have closed off little holes, put down the bait, but it never fails. They push in from the woods/fields looking for a Winter residence. The first year I lost it. Freaked out like a mad-hatter. Now I just grab the traps, call the pest guy and move on. I know mice are nasty, but if you let it get you down, they win and I'm not giving them a warm comfy place to hang!! Praying that your problem has ended. Have a great "FRESH" week!

  5. every single house we have lived in has had mice.
    every one! gahhhhh!
    needless to say, i am over them, too, but they don't bother me as much anymore(and that's saying a LOT coming from an OCD girl). 🙂

    your last item on your list cracks me up. don't be skeeeeeeerrrreeed!

    here's to a fresh new, miceless, and WAY productive week! i'm with you on the 10pm beddy bye time.
    i SO need it!

  6. Alicia, I so get the mice thing. During my 3 year time period where life was super stressful and hard, we had a mice infestation, in a new home we purchased!!(we also had snakes, but that is another story). I can't believe how similar our stories are getting! Girl, get glue traps! lots of them and put them everywhere, then check everyday! The exterminators were no help, they put poison out and then mice would come stumbling out during the day all dying and freak us out. It was a horrible experience.I can give you more deets if you want them. I don't want to gross readers out. You do need a fresh start, feel free to hop in the car for a field trip to WI. Oh girl I get it!

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