The Ball is Rolling

On Friday I told you about our decision to stay in our rental for a while longer and put off buying a house for now. I am so relieved about this decision. Nothing we looked at really felt right. It felt like a whole lot of money for houses we only liked…not loved. So we decided to stay.
But there are some problems with this house. The kitchen lighting is horrid, the paint is all a barfy peachish beige in the flat paint variety that just always looks dirty, there are some storage issues too.
And then the garage. Its small and we never intended to use it to actually park a car in, but it was so full of clutter it was driving us all cray.
Exhibit A.
We fixed all that this weekend. We rented a truck and loaded up the stuff we weren’t using right now and brought it all to storage. We also removed some furniture that was too big for our current space. 

And now it looks like this.

We are SO happy about this.
But now the garage looks great and the inside of our house looks insane. We went through a bunch of the boxes in the garage and brought things inside that we wanted to be using.  So now we’ve got all this stuff inside we need to find a place for. Also, I’m painting, which makes everything super messy. I have most of the lower level done. Today I need to put everything back in its place. I painted it Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore.
The only area not painted on the lower level is Sophia’s room, which I am pretty sure I’ll be painting Palladian Blue by Ben Moore.
Then I will be moving upstairs to paint.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be painting it Ashwood by BM.


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Alright…so now that the ball is rolling with making our townhouse more us, I’m on a roll. Gotta go do some organizing 🙂 

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  1. Love your color choices! And am so happy for you that you have peace about renting and are working hard to make it feel like home. We rented for so many years but never were allowed to paint.

    Can't wait to see everything all pretty and painted! We painted our whole living area a light grey last year and I love it so much.

  2. Oh my gosh I am so excited! Someone on Instagram talked about grey owl and I have been contemplating it for the bedroom or dining room! I cant wait to see if you love it! It must have felt great to declutter. Maybe my husband will let me rent a storage unit. Ok….probably not.

  3. I love hearing that you made the decision to stay and to accept that decision. BEing stuck in a "holding pattern" is so frustrating in life. We want it all and we look forward so much. But we need to appreciate the now too. Love this.

  4. Hooray for getting things done and just how you like 'em! We're on that road over here, too. Palladian Blue is our main house color and I love it. Colors look really good with it. I was looking at Grey Owl for our bedroom. Can't wait to see it in your house. I love the way you decorate. 🙂 Happy painting! That's what I'm doing today, too. Only I'm painting a bunk bed, not walls.

  5. the colors are beautiful.
    i'm so glad that you guys have peace about renting until you can find something that you really love.

    i'm sure it took a weight off your shoulders to just decide.

    show us the painted walls when you can. 🙂

  6. Girl! You are on Fie-Yah!

    I've had a can of paint sitting in the mudroom for a month waiting to be used in the living room. How about this . . . You come to Montana and paint my living room and I'll hold Vera nonstop and make sure the kids are having fun playing with my kids. Sounds like a plan to me!
    Love you! Haven't found maps yet, but I am SO on it!

  7. I applaud your family for staying put for now. Just think of the money you can be saving up towards that perfect house. And I love that you're making this rented space more "your own." We've lived in our house for 10 yrs. now and I'm just figuring out my style instead of letting everyone else's hand-me-downs dictate what we own. Sometimes it takes awhile but there's nothing quite like home. It can be just as wonderful in a rented house as it can in a mortgaged one.
    Have a lovely week!

  8. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. And what is it with rentals and flat paint! It DOES always look dirty and isn't at all washable.

  9. Wow! It hasn't taken you long to get going. Super impressed. Like the paint colours and can't wait to see some "after" photos 🙂

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