Summer can come with a lot of pressure to get all the fun stuff packed in.  But someday’s it’s just fun to stay home and create on a rainy day.  This repost is from 2011 and I wanted to share it again because it was so fun and so summery. 



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I first saw this project on Whatever.  Here’s Meg’s post on this project, and here’s mine:
First I had the kids haphazardly watercolor paint some cardstock. Just swish away, doesn’t really matter what it looks like, just as long as it’s all covered.

Now while those dry, get some canvases…canvi? 🙂
I gave each kid a different size, big, bigger, biggest.
Have them paint it all one solid color with acrylic paint.

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Now back to the watercolored paper. You need a butterfly punch, or whatever cool punch you have…but butterflies look really cute. (I got mine at Micheals…Martha Stewart line.) And just punch your whole page out with it. You need lots of butterflies.

The last step is just glue the butterflies on the dried canvas.
I had them use low-temp glue guns and glue them wherever they wanted.

And that’s it!!

Noah’s was the biggest and we decided to add a word to his, just for something different.  So, after nixing “gun” and “no birds allowed” we (I) decided on fly.  Very butterfly-ish.

How fun is this project!?  I love how they turned out. And I love how we now have a beautiful grouping of art for our schoolroom wall.
Happy Thursday, darlin’s.


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