Ok.  So especially for the boys, art is not their most favorite.  They don’t complain about doing it.  I just know there are quite a few other things they’d rather be doing.  BUT they have done so great this week.  I love, and I mean love seeing what they can create.  They are amazing artists.  Yesterday for day three of Art Week was so good.  They created Southwest landscapes with oil pastels and watercolor. Each of the three kids’ turned out so different but so beautiful.
We used a tutorial from Deep Space Sparkle blog.  She has fab ideas.  I love the simplicity of her projects.
We started out by sketching a Southwest scene with our oil pastels.

Then just simply filled in our lines with watercolor.  I let the choose whatever colors they wanted and they all finished with something totally unique.

Noah chose a daytime desert.  I love his sky and how all the colors turned out.  

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Sophie chose to do a night sky.  I love how her sky seems to almost twinkle and it really feels like night. 

Jack envisioned a sunset over the desert.  He used several shades of pink watercolor and pastels and I think it turned out great.  This would be a great project to tie into a unit study on deserts or Southwest Native Americans.  We made some fun dioramas years ago with desert landscapes you can check out here.

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