Art Week is officially over.  Our walls are covered in new, beautiful art.  Each project makes me smile ear to ear.  I’m so glad we carved out the time to dedicate a little bit of time each day to create.  I still have a couple more projects to share with you and I’ll post those soon. 

But today, Picassos!

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I showed the kids some Picasso paintings and his crazy faces.  My kids were a little creeped out and we’re all that into drawing the crazy face people.  But they did follow some of the instructions I gave them for drawing simple, chunky faces with bright, thick frames.  I personally love the frame bit.

First, they sketched out simple faces with dark oil pastel.

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And then filled in their frames and faces with watercolor.  They also filled in the background with some blocked coloring, which made them look even more like mini Picassos.

I love their finished projects.  I have a feeling these projects are going to be hanging around for a while.


To read more about our Art Week and see all the other projects, click the photo below.
And announcing, the five Firmoo.com $30 voucher winners………….
1. Susan
2. Christy
3. Amy
4. Christy
5. Kayla
Congrats, you guys! I’ve emailed you already 🙂


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  1. These turned out SO adorable!!
    And eeeeeeeek!! I'm SO excited to pick out some new shades! Thank you friend!!!
    Ps. My company left today so for goodness sakes let's sneak in a chat. I'll call you between laundry loads.

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