so what’s in those boxes? {march and april and may}

My head is swimming today…..timelines and dates, blessings and parenting issues, cervixes and hospital bags….I’m kind of a head case today…which isn’t good because its only 7:40am. So instead of hashing all that out on my blog and possibly making you a headcase too, I’m going to talk about something light-hearted. Ok? Ok. (and I’m not going to the hospital yet…just need to get my bag ready. One of the many things on my list.)
Last week I shared some boxes I made for Sophie’s birthday. Each box was a monthly craft kit that she can work on. I didn’t include all the activities I included, but I got so many comments and emails about what I put in there I figured I’d share….but only the March, April and May box this post. I’m pretty sure the post would take me two hours to find all the links if I included the info for all six boxes in one post.
Each box has 3-5 projects: a picture of the project and anything she might need. I didn’t include the basic stuff, like glue and markers, but I did include things that would be hard for her to get herself in case I’m tied up with baby. Each box also includes a book to go along with the theme. Anything else I could find that was small…a little puzzle, stickers, etc.
{March: Butterflies}
The Projects: (click each link for instructions)

{April: Birds}
The projects:
Bottle Bird Feeder
{May: Flowers & Gardens}
The Projects:
Painted flower pots
The book: Jack’s Garden

I’m going from memory and not actually looking in the boxes, so I might be missing a few projects, but this will get you started if you wanted to make your own. She’s having fun with them already. She did her butterfly painting and I love it! I want to paint one!
Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. i like what amy said about hospital bags! just as long as you bring home extra granny pannies you will be good. i loved those things.

    and i love these boxes even more. so much. like i'm certain target should hire you and then they should sell these boxes to me.

  2. Thank you for the details! I am most definitely going to do this for the summer.

    Please know that you are an awesome momma! Your kiddoes are so blessed!

    And I am SO blessed by you too!

    Have a marvelous day crossing things off your list!

  3. So cute and what a great idea. I did something similar to this when I had Walker for Grant and made him busy bags. Little games and crafts he could get and do by himself. Now go rest!!

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