Weekly Rundown: He is Risen!

Hey there! Happy Resurrection Sunday! I’m back from vacation–more on that in an upcoming post–and I’m getting back to the Weekly Rundown (even if it’s a bit late this week). Our week wasn’t a normal one, as we drove back from Florida for three days and took another day to get organized and settled. Ever have a 3-day week that actually feels really long? That was this week.

We’re celebrating Easter this weekend. It’s a strange holiday to wrap my head around most years because the immenseness of what we’re celebrating is a lot to take in! We had a great church service this morning, a gospel-centered sermon, and an extra-long time of singing.

Over the last several years, so many churches have added to the gospel. Watered it down. Supplemented it with other things. Made it seem too small on its own. Gospel that has been altered is not gospel at all.

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Jesus is enough.
We cannot save ourselves.
We all deserve death.
Jesus overcame it.
Repent + believe.

That’s it. That’s the gospel.

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We had to leave our church a year ago because it became glaringly obvious that the gospel wasn’t enough there. Our new church is amazing and our only regret is that we didn’t join there sooner.

Happy Easter, my friends. I hope your Sunday has been beautiful.

Here’s the rundown from this week:

Reacclimating this week has been a TASK! Can we go back to Rosemary Beach?


So far this year has been really choppy with sickness and travel and regular busyness, so the projects we started mid-January are STILL in progress and I’m really over it–but this week, returning home from vacation and trying to get back in to homeschool, we got nothing done on projects.

But we did spend one day cleaning and picking up. We also dyed eggs on Good Friday night like we usually do. We added cooking oil to a couple of the dyes for a fun effect.

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After being gone for over a week on vacation, I was not prepared for school Tuesday morning. Tuesday is our Homeschool Band day and we are gone most of the afternoon anyway, so I took the morning to plan out lessons for the next two weeks and get organized.

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Wednesday then was our “Monday” and we had a pretty short week but it felt long. Spring is always the worst time of year for me for motivation in our homeschool. We’ve got 8 weeks left of this year, so I guess I can’t say I’m totally unmotivated–it does motivate me to finish the year strong and complete what we’ve started once I can see those single-digit weeks left!



I watched + listened to a few things over the last week that are definitely noteworthy. Kind of all over the place, but all worth your time:

  • Have you been feeling like the media is nothing but a bunch of liars? Ha! Me too. I watched HOAXED one night when we were driving home from Florida. Really well done. You can only get it from iTunes–banned from Amazon, so it must be good 😉
  • A lot of churches and pastors don’t like to talk about sin, the depravity of it, and what horribleness our hearts are bent toward. I listened to this sermon from R.C. Sproul on Good Friday. He talks about sin and does not hold back.
  • To move or not to move? Have you noticed a lot of people are moving lately? We’ve been questioning whether or not we’re in the right place too. On our drive home, we listened to THIS PODCAST from The Sword and the Trowel on moving…well worth your time if you’re feeling that nudge too.
  • Many believers I know are feeling a sense of urgency. Maybe to prepare for what’s ahead, maybe to prepare their children better, whatever it the root of it, there us much urgency among believers. I loved THIS ARTICLE from Doug Wilson this week. Seven super practical things we can do right now.
  • Do you need a little help in your quiet time? Carole Joy Seid had a wonderful podcast this week with practical things we can do to help improve our time with God everyday. LISTEN HERE.


I’m working on something: how I talk to myself.

When we got home from vacation Monday night, the unpacking and getting back into regular routine felt overwhelming. I let it overwhelm me. I feel behind, buried in stuff to get done, like I’m failing at all the things, and worse. It’s not just that I feel those things, I actually speak them to myself in my head on a loop.

It’s a pattern of: things stacking up, overwhelm setting in, paralysis of beginning, romanticizing of another time when it felt like I did have my stuff together, and the self-talk begins. Repeat loop.

Do you ever do that?

I’m working on memorizing some scriptures to say instead of the negative self-talk. Anyway, that’s been my battle of the week for me.

Back to Instagram?

For Lent, I took Instagram off my phone and let it go completely. I haven’t felt the need to check in or felt like I was missing anything at all. Now with Easter here and gone, a friend asked if I’ll be adding it back this week.

Honestly, I have no desire to.

There are many great things that come from social media, but also, social media is a huge time waster. The constant click/like/swipe/skim read is just exhausting and not something I’m feeling like I want or need right now.

For now, I’m enjoying this: writing out full thoughts, emailing you to let you know I recorded a full thought, reading your comments in response to those thoughts.

There are tons of new articles coming in my editorial calendar and I love to write them! That’s where I want to focus right now.

So, say HI to IG for me, I’m not hopping back on just yet.


Here’s what’s on my nightstand:


Quick List:

  • My church + my pastor
  • Cooking dinner with Vera
  • Unsolicited hugs from my kids
  • The promise of heaven because of Jesus took my place in death.

What are you thankful for this weekend?

Talk soon!


  1. Alicia, your such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for speaking truth. I’ve also struggled with how I talk to myself, I think we as moms can be really hard on ourselves and we just need grace upon grace.

    So glad you enjoyed your vacation! Were hoping we can visit Florida soon!!!

  2. I’ve been reading Rod Dreher’s book after seeing your recommendation. You’re right – it is a must read. It’s putting words to the thoughts that I have had for quite a while. I’ve recommended the book now to my husband. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad you all had a fun time in Florida! Love the updates and your boldness in speaking such truth. Just wanted to especially say thank you for sharing that podcast from The Sword and The Trowel—that episode served as a confirmation of sorts for me. A few months ago after prayerful consideration, my husband and I decided to move our family a couple hours away from our hometown of KCMO. We have since found a great church (that focuses on Jesus, preaches the Word, doesn’t force masks or social distance??)and started our own business, but I’ve occasionally allowed doubt to creep in and make me question our decisions. I know the Lord has placed us here for a reason, and I’m continually amazed at His goodness, even when I can’t always see the full picture of His plan. Trusting Him and His leadership, and praying for wisdom and guidance as your family does the same.?

  4. I’ve honestly struggled with the negative loop in my head this past week. The kids and I got back from a long (1-1/2 week) vacation last weekend and all week we struggled. It wasn’t helped by a stomach bug that went through 2 of the 3 kids. Then our beloved kitten disappeared from our front step. It was a rough week and those negative thoughts kept swirling. Thank you for the reminder to replace them with scripture verses. That will be needed this week as we gently go back in to school to finish the year.
    I understand the projects that are never ending. We are building a house ourselves and have been since October. We spent last summer building a shop so we could pull our camper in out of the weather for winter. We are so tired of the build taking up all our time.

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